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PR: Marc Stehle/K&K Win PPKC ” Memorial Dash for Cash”


PR: Marc Stehle/K&K Win PPKC ” Memorial Dash for Cash”

Veteran racer Marc Stehle, K&K’s newest Team Driver, won the Briggs Senior ” Money Race ” at PPKC recently. Stehle, with very little practice on the K&K Cobra OTB, went second in the prefinal and won the final by a few lengths over Cacciavillani and Rempel. Stehle said, ” he was impressed with the K&K ” and commented,” I didn’t have to touch the kart, and it was the quickest out there “.

Stehle also won the Honda Senior  “Money Race”  using  K&K/MSM  power, over a very strong field. Greg Rempel won the first segment of the final, but Stehle took the lead in the final segment with 4 laps to go, and never looked back.

At Sutton, Kyle Edgar swept the day on his K&K Cobra OTB, with a pole, prefinal win and a convincing final win by 4.2 seconds over Latimer, Stewart and Mohan.

At Flamboro, Keidon Fletcher wrapped up the WRKC “Cadet A Championship”, on his K&K Interceptor, with a win this past weekend.

At Mosport, Andre Fiorini clinched 2nd in the “MIKA Championship” in the Junior Honda Division on his K&K Cobra OTB, along with Trevor Rancier who was 2nd in the Rotax Junior “MIKA Championship”, on his K&K Predator.

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