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Kevin Barrick Introduces the TNT Kart for Briggs 206 Competition

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Kevin Barrick Introduces the TNT Kart for Briggs 206 Competition

The creator of the K&K Kart has introduced a new kart brand in Ontario.

After 52 years in the sport, and 10+ years of developing and fine-tuning the affordable K&K ” Built for Briggs ” Cobra OTB chassis, Barrick has refocused on his original vision.

Affordability, Italian quality, out of the box easy tune, and Briggs LO206 specific design have been and will be again, the mandates of Barrick’s vision.

K&K Kart literally ‘dominated’ Briggs LO206 Racing in Canada for a five-year stretch, when the strong K&K Team won every major Canadian title in Junior, Senior and Masters LO206. With this success, the focus turned away from the team to the mass marketing of the Cobra OTB. With the assistance of colleague Lorne Kelly, over 400 K&K Cobras were sold in North America.

“K&K Kart North America was sold recently to Jimmy Gregory in Alberta. Jimmy has a greatly expanded vision for K&K and has added the full line-up of affordable K&K Karts from Cadet to Masters, in both 2-cycle and 4-cycle versions. K&K is now a full-service major dealership in Western Canada. He has been instrumental in bringing countless new karters into the sport, with affordable racing solutions.”

Barrick will build on the ten plus years he has put into developing one of the best cost/performance chassis in North America and will now bring the Premium TNT brand to market. The decision was reached in collaboration with long time partner Righetti-Ridolfi.

The Premium TNT Tornado will come with all the right components, such as front hubs, billet pedals, aluminum footrest, magnesium wheels, Eurostar Dynamica bodywork, flat bottom seat and 40mm soft axle. The kart is designed to be a direct alternative to the industry-leading Birel & OTK 4-cycle offerings, at a significantly lower initial price, not to mention the low spares and operating cost.

The TNT is a 28/30mm strategically reinforced chassis, straight bar design with phenomenal cross flex and corner spring. It has been proven fast right across the weight range of Junior Lite to Masters. That means that you will not have to buy a new chassis just to move up a class.

The new TNT Tornado ticks all the boxes. Affordability, quality and performance along with a long history of development.

Further info on specifications, ordering & semi-sponsored opportunities available, contact

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