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K&K Kart Ownership Has Changed Hands

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K&K Kart Ownership Has Changed Hands

We have just received information from K&K Karts, the Canadian owned and operated kart chassis and team, that with the turn of the new year come new ownership.

Jimmy Gregory, who partnered with K&K founder Kevin Barrick in 2017 to form K&K West, has acquired the business and in the release below, will open a warehouse for the brand near Edmonton, Alberta. Barrick will still be involved, albeit in a lesser role, focusing on chassis development and the Ontario based raced team.

The full release can be read in full below.

It was announced today by K&K owner Kevin Barrick, that an agreement has been reached with James Gregory, for the outright sale/purchase of the successful 8-year-old karting company.

Barrick, who is approaching 50 years in the sport, stated: “I feel I have achieved what I set out to do with K&K Kart 8 years ago.” K&K pioneered the low cost ‘Built for Briggs LO206’ chassis and brought countless new racers into the sport. Under his direction, K&K Kart has won every Briggs LO206 category at the Club, Regional & National level multiple times in Canada.

Barrick developed the lowest cost, Briggs LO206 specific, Italian-built chassis in North America and achieved incredible results with the K&K brand. In fact, it has become so successful and the worldwide demand has become so great, he feels he just can’t keep up with it under the current structure.

K&K Kart sold 150 chassis last year, and Gregory has designs to more than double that by 2020.

“We have done incredible things with the brand and it has become well known worldwide. I didn’t want to limit the growth by my own desire to hang on to it. I feel the time is right to pass it on to someone dedicated, with the same vision, passion and drive as myself to take K&K where it deserves to be,” continued Barrick.

Effective immediately K&K will restructure as follows:

K&K North America Head Office will be opening in a new warehouse near Edmonton, Alberta and will be headed up by James Gregory. K&K West will now be headed up by Randy Kerenyi. Lorne Kelly, who has been instrumental in the success of K&K will remain on in the role of Director of International Sales.

Barrick will now head up a newly named K&K East division. He will also take on the role of Director of Chassis Development and oversee a streamlined Ontario race team. Trackside support & spares will be stepped up with the help of Jamie MacArthur and Steve Goebel. Jean Doyon will continue to handle the product in the province of Quebec, as a part of K&K East.

Barrick will continue to be a sponsor for Regional and National events. He looks forward to enjoying his karting passion in a less demanding role this year.

“Thank you to everyone who made the success of K&K possible,” laments Barrick.

“K&K Kart Is Briggs LO206 Racing”

We will be in touch with Jimmy Gregory in the near future to discuss his plans for the K&K Kart brand and his operation.

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