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Canadian Champion Junior Lindgren Joins K&K Kart for 2018!

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Canadian Champion Junior Lindgren Joins K&K Kart for 2018!

K&K Kart ramps up their Briggs LO206 Junoir program for 2018 by adding 2017 ASN Canadian National Champion and 2016 CRFKC Champion Junior and Brayden Lindgren.

An agreement was reached today, to bring the talented Lindgren brothers over to K&K Kart with full intentions to repeat a Briggs & Stratton 206 Junior National Championship in 2018.

Brayden will be joining another K&K newcomer Lily Flintoff, fresh off her 2017 CDN National Vice-Championship. Both will be contesting Briggs LO206 Jr. Lite this year.

Junior Lindgren will compete in Briggs 206 Junior alongside 2017 TKC Champion and Vice-Champion Chase Whitney and Liam Cusack.

The K&K juniors will be racing at the club, CRFKC, and National events. All will be piloting the newly designed K&K Cobra OTB 28mm chassis.

“With the sale and reorganizing of K&K Worldwide, I will have more time to focus on the Junior program. With the addition of some incredible talent, we hope to recapture the glory we’ve enjoyed for more than five years,” stated K&K East president, Kevin Barrick.

For the past five years, K&K Kart has secured wins in literally every major event in Briggs 206 Junior; ECKC, CRFKC, and ASN Nationals. The K&K Junior Power Squad consisted of Trevor Rancier, Andre Fiorini, Jordan Latimer, Braxton Terry, Zach Latimer and Josh Conquer along with visiting driver Victoria Stutsky. These were the drivers to beat every time they were on the track. All but one, have either moved on to cars or have retired.

K&K East will be focused on the Briggs LO206 Jr. & Masters programs, while counterpart K&K West will be focused on Briggs LO206 Senior & ROK Shifter programs during the year. It will all culminate into a full K&K Team effort at the 2018 ASN Canadian National Karting Championships held at CTMP Mosport in August.

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