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K&K Kart Offering Incentives on 2018 Chassis Pre-Orders

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K&K Kart Offering Incentives on 2018 Chassis Pre-Orders

With the calendar about to turn on 2017, K&K Karts are busy preparing for the 2018 karting season. With plans to place their 2018 chassis order in the coming days, they are asking all parties interested in purchasing a chassis to place a pre-order before the December 1, 2017, cutoff date and in turn, K&K Kart is offering some awesome incentives. The pre-order is to ensure that the 2018 chassis arrive in time for the Canadian karting season.

The Italian built K&K Kart Cobra OTB, built for Briggs & Stratton LO206 racing, arrives as a complete rolling chassis with seat, wheels, XTR CIK Bodywork, high-quality K&K decals and the choice of 650 or 710 rear wheels.

The cost for the chassis will be $2695.00 + tax, but for those who raced a K&K Kart in 2017 earn a loyalty bonus of $300.00 off. There is also an option for a bonus parts package that includes: “A” soft 40mm axle, Left and Right spindles, Steering shaft, Left and Right tie rods, two kingpin bolts for only $299.00 + tax (with an order of a 2018 chassis).

For those ordering from K&K Ontario or K&K Quebec, there will be no additional shipping charge.

To pre-order contact Kevin Barrick at or 705.717.4104. Pre-Orders can also be arranged through K&K Quebec or K&K West.

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