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PR: K&K Spotlight – Keidon Fletcher “Rising Star”


PR: K&K Spotlight – Keidon Fletcher “Rising Star”

Eight year old Keidon Fletcher, a WRKC member, in his first year of racing, has had a stellar year so far. Fletcher on his K&K Integra, won the BSRKC event at Flamboro over the weekend in the Cadet A division.

He also captured the coveted BSRKC Bear at Shannonville, which can be so elusive even to veteran racers.

And, as the only full time K&K driver running at WRKC, he currently leads the Cadet A division, and with a good run at the final event, will capture the Cadet A Title.

“Just phenominal results for a first year driver ,” K&K team owner Kevin Barrick, chimes in. “Look for a great future for Keidon, in years to come.” Barrick adds.

With the amazing 2012 results of Fletcher, Jon Treadwell’s BSRKC Sr. Medium Championship and BSRKC Bear, Kyle Edgar’s BSRKC Bear and Trevor Rancier’s huge ASN National Championship, Barrick commented, ” he can barely keep up with orders for the Italian K&K Cobra/OTB 4 cycle chassis “, since the Mt. Tremblant event¬† This includes opening a new dealer in Manitoba, and talks for a new dealer in Quebec.

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