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PR: K&K Leaves Goodwood ECKC Leading Briggs & Stratton Junior and Senior Points


PR: K&K Leaves Goodwood ECKC Leading Briggs & Stratton Junior and Senior Points

By: K&K Kart North America

K&K Kart North America owner, Kevin Barrick, returned to the helm at Goodwood ECKC, after a 4 month hiatus at his new home in Florida. James Treadwell, Team Manager, guided the team to Junior and Senior Briggs and Stratton victories in the first ECKC rounds at Mosport.

While the competition was incredibly fierce at Goodwood, (31 in Senior) K&K drivers managed wins/top finishes, in both classes to maintain comfortable points leads heading to Round #5 at Trois Rivieres, Quebec.

Team K&K drivers are: Briggs & Stratton Senior: Jon Treadwell, Marc Stehle, Dale Bonham, Kyle Edgar, and Kevin May. Briggs & Stratton Junior. Jordan & Zachary Latimer, Andre Fiorini and Keidon Fletcher with Masters drivers Kyle Aulenback and Keith Barrick completing the lineup.

After 4 years, countless club, Regional (ECKC & BSRKC) and ASN National Titles, Barrick’s vision of perfecting a low cost, high quality Italian made chassis, specifically designed for 4-cycle racing, is coming to fruition.

K&K offers the Cobra OTB chassis, specifically designed/tuned for “out of the box”, Honda or Briggs racing, in configurations of Novice 28/1010, Junior 28/1040, Senior 28/30/1040. Having being tested and developed for 4 years, K&K chassis’ come ready to race, with fitted seat, high quality decals, Douglas Magnesium wheels, the correct axle, factory K&K race suit and K&K T-Shirt, all for $2695.


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