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PR: First Ever BSRKC Briggs & Stratton “Bear” winner Treadwell/K&K heads to Tremblant


PR: First Ever BSRKC Briggs & Stratton “Bear” winner Treadwell/K&K heads to Tremblant

Team K&K coming off some major wins, will be heading to Mt. Tremblant this week to contest the ASN Canadian National Championships.

Leading the charge will be Jonathon Treadwell, who just recently won the “First Ever Briggs Sr. BSRKC Bear” at the Shannonville BSRKC Ontario Championships. Treadwell who has won 7 BSRKC Championships and numerous BSRKC Bears, also wrapped up the 2012 BSRKC Honda Med. Championship, leads the Senior Lite category and is second in Senior Hvy. Team owner , Kevin Barrick says “Treadwell represents the epitomy of a silk smooth driving style, that is condusive to winning 4cycle. He will be the one to beat, on his K&K Cobra OTB, at Tremblant in Briggs Senior.”, Barrick adds.

Perennial front runner, Trevor Rancier, who lead the majority of the Briggs Jr, category last year on his K&K at the Nationals, before being taken out, will again be contesting Briggs Jr. and Rotax Jr.  Rancier was inside the top 5 in ECKC in Rotax Jr., but was unable to attend the last event at Trois Riviere. Look for him to be podium bound in both classes.

Kyle Edgar, who swapped out his Tony kart for a K&K Cobra, only hours before his Jr. Med. race at Shannonville BSRKC, came away with a convincing win and a BSRKC Bear over Jaret Stewart. Edgar will be Rancier’s running mate at Tremblant in Briggs Jr.  Barrick is confident one of the 2 driver’s will be victorious on their K&K Cobra OTB karts, in Briggs Jr..

Dante Lerra , who has a number of podiums this year, is poised to have a great run for the podium in DD2, on his K&K Condor.

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