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PR: Team K&K Still Leading 2 of 3 ECKC Briggs Classes

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

PR: Team K&K Still Leading 2 of 3 ECKC Briggs Classes

The K&K Team traveled to the Monaco de Trois Rivieres event this past weekend with a handful of drivers. Being the ECKC Briggs points leaders prior to the event, Keith Barrick (Masters), Jon Treadwell (Senior) and Andre Fiorini (Junior) all made the trip in hopes of increasing their point leads. Kyle Aulenback and Braxton Terry also made the trip.

While the team had pole positions and a couple of podiums over the weekend, the saying “What can go wrong, will go wrong” prevailed. Everything from bent axles/spindles, to totaled chassis’, to lapped traffic affecting wins plagued the team all weekend.

The K&K team still managed good enough results to maintain the ECKC points lead in Briggs Senior & Masters, but have slipped to 2nd in Junior, heading to the final event in Mt. Tremblant in September, a track that K&K won all three Briggs classes at the last ECKC event held there.

“This was one of the most frustrating weekends I have had in 45 years of karting, and certainly since the inception of K&K,” commented K&K team owner Kevin Barrick. “The stars were certainly not aligned this weekend. The whole team could just not catch a break. I really felt bad for the guys,” he added.

The K&K Team will regroup and now set their sights on the ASN Canadian Nationals on August 21-24 at Mt. Tremblant, with hopes of taking a serious run at all three Briggs Titles.

Special thanks to VRS (Treadwell Family) Ontario K&K dealer, Lorne Kelly, and Team K&K sponsors Charmwood Designer Homes, TekkHaus, Armadura/Nahanni Steel and Superior Walls.


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