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PR: Team K&K Increases ECKC Points Lead in all 3 Briggs & Stratton Classes

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

PR: Team K&K Increases ECKC Points Lead in all 3 Briggs & Stratton Classes

While large fields of the best drivers, from the biggest teams, on all the top brand chassis’ worked to get their setups at a very hot, sticky Goodwood track, the K&K Cobras performed flawlessly and once again resulted in the K&K team increasing it’s points leads in “all 3” Briggs and Stratton classes. “After 4 events, we are leading ‘all 3 ECKC Briggs Classes’ with only a handful of drivers. There is not much more to say about that, or the performance of the budget conscious K&K Cobra 4cycle chassis. The 5 years of chassis development that K&K has put into the Cobra, designed strictly for Briggs LO206 racing, has basically left all the the other manufacturers playing catch up,” exudes K&K Kart president, Kevin Barrick. “The Version 5 K&K Cobra chassis is proven…. out of the box fast,” he adds.

In Briggs Senior, Jon Treadwell showed once again, why he is defending ECKC Senior Champion. Up against a strong 29 driver field of some of the best drivers in Canada, Treadwell finessed his K&K Cobra to “double wins” on Saturday and Sunday to stretch out his Championship points lead. On Sunday, Jordan Latimer, 2013 ECKC Junior Briggs Champion, in his first race as a Senior, showed he has what it takes and crossed the line in 2nd on teammate Treadwell’s bumper. Marc Stehle was back in action on Sunday on a K&K, and had a great drive from 11th up to 4th, and ended with a very respectable 6th place finish. Kevin May also had a solid weekend finishing just outside the top 10.

Intense action in Briggs Masters, saw veteran driver Keith Barrick also pull off “double wins” as well. Team mates Steve MacVoy and Kyle Aulenback also joined Barrick on the podium on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Barrick leaves Goodwood with commanding lead in the ECKC Briggs Masters Points Championship.

In the hotly contested Briggs Junior class, Andre Fiorini increased his Championship Points lead as well, with a 2nd and 4th place finish. Zach Latimer and Jared Vegter had solid outings, with finishes as high as inside the top 5. Braxton Terry, 2013 ECKC Junior Briggs Vice Champion, had a rough weekend after being involved in a major accident on Saturday and having engine trouble on Sunday.

K&K has been attracting a lot attention as the “one to beat”, from all the major shops and drivers in the Briggs classes. Rightfully so, as K&K has been the dominant force in the Briggs LO206 program since it’s inception in Canada…and continues to be so. “The Briggs LO206 program and engines are so even, the classes are such that you cannot buy a win…you have to earn it,” states Barrick.

Mission accomplished. “K&K IS BRIGGS LO206 RACING”

Special thanks the Treadwell family, VRS ( K&K Ontario Dealer), Lorne Kelly and K&K sponsors… Charmwood Designer Homes, TekkHaus, Armadura/Nahanni Steel and Superior Walls.

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