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Trailer Trouble Doesn’t Stop CF Racing from Attending Rock Island Grand Prix

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Trailer Trouble Doesn’t Stop CF Racing from Attending Rock Island Grand Prix

While the team has cut back their racing schedule this season, the CF Racing Team kept the labour-day classic Rock Island Grand Prix marked on their calendars.

A temporary street-track layout in the heart of Rock Island, Illinois, the RIGP has been a fixture of the team’s schedule for many years and the great way to cap off the summer season for driver Cory Cacciavillani and his family run CF Racing Team. Although Cory couldn’t compete in this year’s event due to an injury, Rotax DD2 driver Fred Woodley has stepped in to replace him.

On route to this years event, the CF Racing tow vehicle endured a tire blowout, forcing the driver to hold on for dear life as the vehicle veered into the ditch. The scary ride saw the trailer roll over and fold like a piece of paper, but thankfully stay within the median and not into oncoming traffic.

Everyone in the vehicle was okay and it appears that most of the contents of the trailer have survived. The team called in a tow truck to complete the journey to Rock Island as the team was dedicated on competing.

“While the crock pot and espresso machine seem to have disappeared into the rubble, the karts survived and so we decided to keep on trucking,” explained team manager Cole Cacciavillani. “We were about an hour from Rock Island, so we had a tow-truck complete the journey for the trailer.”

The CF Racing Team will still enter the event where Woodley is set to compete in TaG Senior, Leopard Senior as well as Briggs & Stratton Medium and Heavy.


The view when the back door was opened. (Photos courtesy: Cole Cacciavillani)

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