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Rock Island Calls Name of Three Local Racers

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Rock Island Calls Name of Three Local Racers

By: Erica Cassidy.

This Labour Day weekend, three go-kart racers from Point Pelee Kart Club in Leamington, ON will be making the trek to Rock Island, Illinois where they will be racing in what is known as the “largest, most prestigious street race” known to karters in North America.

One inch off the ground these racers have the potential to reach speeds up to 100MPH racing through the city streets. There is no better thrill! Erica Cassidy (Kingsville), Brodie Myer (Leamington) and Ava Amante (Windsor), will be travelling with their teams Greig Howe Motorsports and Sundance Racing Thursday afternoon to compete at “The Rock”.

Cassidy, 21, began racing three years ago and has had the privilege of travelling across Michigan and even ventured down to the Florida Winter Tour last March. Myer, 18, has been a member of Point Pelee Kart Club since he was seven, following in the footsteps of his brother and has travelled across North America over the years earning multiple pieces of hardware along the way. Amante, 16, is the rookie of the team but fails to disappoint each time she hits the track. Spectators and other competitors are blown away when told she has one years experience under her belt.

Cassidy and Myers both race Senior in the Briggs and Stratton LO206 stock engine classes running their identical Sodi M5 chassis at The Rock. Amante will be competing in her first Senior LO206 competitive race and will be running her Birel chassis.

Travelling with the drivers is their mechanics Greig Howe, of Greig Howe Motorsports and Lee Myer of Sundance Motorsports. Both mechanics have worked exceptionally hard to ensure their equipment and drivers are prepared physically and mentally for the weekend ahead. Although technically two different teams, they consider each other family and use each other for drafting purposes when on the track. They have developed a special trusting bond over the years and are excited to see what the weekend brings.

A special thank you to Festival Tents Windsor, Myers Trucking of Leamington, and Barettes Small Engines for their sponsorships over the years. To all family and friends who have and will be supporting the drivers on their adventure. To Lee and Greig who have put in endless hours wrenching for the teams over the years and special thank you to mechanic Fabio Faustino who will be assisting the mechanics to what the team expects to be a good outcome weekend in Rock Island, Illinois!

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