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Team Karts & Parts Reflects on their 2020 Race Season

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Team Karts & Parts Reflects on their 2020 Race Season

What a year 2020 has been. Full of many challenges and surprises to say the least. With more challenges to come, we wish everyone safety, good health, and happiness. In due time, we will have a sense of normality again.

2020 was another AWESOME year for Team Karts & Parts. We won championships, lots of big races and proved once again that we are one of the top four-cycle teams in Canada.

Karts & Parts is in search of Junior and Cadet drivers for 2021. Our new 2021 chassis is being built at the Parolin factory in Italy as we speak. Kindly reach out for more details.

The 2021 Awesome Kart will be listed this season at $3,799.00 plus taxes for a rolling chassis. There will be three options for 2021. We will have our 28mm chassis. We will also have our second-generation 30mm chassis. All chassis are utilizing our “S Bar” design which has proved in the past to work well in all weather conditions. We also have a short wheelbase cadet kart that is also built at the Parolin factory.

Team manager Dave Anderson had the pleasure of testing our new 30mm Awesome Kart at Mosport this past season.

“The kart just feels like it’s on rails. In all of my years of Karting, I’ve never had a kart release out of the corners like this one. If you watched Maddox Heacock this year at Mosport, the way the 30mm Awesome Kart would come out of the corners, he would pull a kart length or two.”

Dave is so excited about this new kart; he will be coming out of semi-retirement to run a full regional season in 2021 in the Briggs Masters Class.

We wanted to give credit where credit is due but, the team improved so much this season, we do not think CKN will let us write as much as we would like!

The most improved driver of the year is a tie for us. Michael Ing and Maddox Heacock improved light-years. Between Maddox’s winning streak/championship and Michaels’s string of podiums and race wins, we cannot tell you how proud we are of these two young men.

We had more first-time winners. Our newest team member, Brennan Taylor came over to us midseason and won his first race ever on our chassis. Jason Rothman also had his first win and showed he will be a force to be reckoned with in Briggs Masters.

For our driver of the year award, again another toss-up! Jake Cowden and Steven Navratil dominated all year! Steven won the MIKA club championship in Briggs Junior and many regional races. Jake Cowden (Briggs Senior) won the TRAK championship, the Kartstars Championship, and the Kartstars National Championship along with many other victories at the club and regional level. Steven will be moving up to Briggs Senior for 2021 joining an already potent lineup of top drivers.

Karts & Parts 2021 confirmed lineup for regional racing:

  • Briggs Junior: Michael Ing, William Maccormack
  • Briggs Senior: Jake Cowden, Maddox Heacock, Brennan Taylor, Steven Navratil and Pearce Herder. (Part time)
  • Briggs Masters: Dave Anderson, Jason Rothman.

Over the years, team Karts & Parts have assisted in the development of many top drivers. Here are just a few names: Jeffery Kingsley, Daniel Morad, James Hinchcliffe, Kyle Marcelli, AJ Emms, Mark Wilkins, Gary and Ryan Klutt, Michael DiMeo, Dalton Kellett, Pearce Herder, Darryl Timmers, Curtis Fox, Rob Oakman, Jake Cowden, and Dave Anderson. Since 1982 we have been fortunate enough to claim over 100 US and Canadian National championships. Hundreds of championships and literally thousands of race wins.

For 2021, our goals are even higher. We have said this before. If you want to win races and if you want excellent mechanical training and tremendous driver training, call us. We have multiple spots available under the tent for 2021 at TRAK, MIKA and all regional series.

Karts & Parts are also in search of American dealers. Presuming the border is open for 2021, we will be attending the 2021 Briggs Nationals at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Contact us for arrive and drive packages. More big news regarding that to come.

Again, a massive thanks to all our loyal customers. Without you, we would not be able to enjoy what we love.

Stay safe everyone. Happy Holidays and we cannot wait to see you at the track in 2021!

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