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Two New Chassis Brands Coming to Ontario

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Two New Chassis Brands Coming to Ontario

Coyote Karts and Kart Republic chassis have new distributors.

There have been a few announcements this winter from race teams making a switch for their choice of chassis and with it, we are excited to see two fresh colours making their debut in Ontario this summer.

First, the Coyote chassis brand may ring a bell to those who race in Cup Karts competitions. An American-made race chassis has enjoyed a strong resurgence over the past half-decade and dominated at the 2023 Cup Karts Grand Nationals with race wins in four of the five Senior Briggs categories. In Canada, we also saw Christopher McKeithan come to Goodwood Kartways for the Cup Karts Canada finale, scoring 3 of 4 Senior race wins in dominant fashion.

These results have garnered the attention of a few race teams and in 2024, we expect to see three race programs use the chassis. First up, Karts & Parts has become the official distributor for the chassis line. K&P is no stranger to winning four-cycle competitions and has done so with its Awesome Kart product for the past decade but will now team up with the US brand to help them break back into Canada.

“It’s been a very busy off-season for team Karts & Parts behind the scenes and we are very proud to announce that we have teamed up with Coyote and have now acquired the Canadian Distributorship for the very successful 4-cycle specific Zenith chassis as well as their other chassis,” said a statement sent to CKN.

Continuing with, “Karts & Parts will be actively looking for dealers across Canada. As all of you know, Coyote had an incredible 2023 season that included many wins across North America including CKNA Divisional wins and Championships, CKNA Spring National Wins, WKA Grand National Wins, CKNA Canada Win and an epic 4 CKNA Grand Nationals Wins. Two of these wins were at Goodwood Kartways.”

In addition, Canadian Champion Masters driver Greg Scollard will also form a race team with the Coyote chassis. His operation has been named Coyote Motorsports Canada and they have already revealed several racers who will utilize the brand in 2024. They have plans to compete all over Ontario this season, focusing on MIKA along with the RFKC, CKNA Canada Division, the new Ontario Inter-Club Challenge and the Canadian Karting Championships.

“CMC Racing is pleased to announce Coyote Motorsports coming to Canada. Coyote is a well-established kart brand for 4-stroke racing on the other side of the border. With my passion for karting, this was a perfect time to bring Coyote karts to Canada. We’ve got a top-notch set of drivers in multiple classes. Come join the CMC Racing Team and hop on the new 2024 Coyote Zenith.”

Finally, a third piece of Coyote news has come to us as Quyon Karting, the Ottawa area racing operation, will add the Coyote brand to their sales efforts to go alongside their continued support for the Margay Racing Kart.

Shifting to another chassis brand making a splash in Ontario this season.

HM Propela recently announced that Kris Martin Racing will sell and distribute their Italian-made Kart Republic chassis this season. HM Propela has been working hard to expand its distribution of the KR chassis and adding a solid race team to its roster is a good addition to see some more orange and white karts hitting the track.

Kris Martin has over two decades of four-cycle racing experience and countless race victories to his credit and since the announcement has already confirmed a small selection of drivers who will compete on the brand this season. Their focus will be on the Briggs 206 categories but will have the full line of KR chassis available.

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