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Summit GP Makes Switch to Energy Kart Canada

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Summit GP Makes Switch to Energy Kart Canada

By: Summit GP/Race Tech Development

With the 2013 Canadian karting season complete, big changes are on the horizon for Darren White as he is pleased to announce a switch to the Energy brand as he has taken over Energy Kart Canada. Becoming the Energy Corse distributor for the entire nation, White will springboard into action as he looks to rebrand his team and help grow the Energy name north of the border.

“With the way everything was operating in regards to Tony Kart and OTK in Canada, I felt we needed to make a change to better serve our customers and grow as a business,” explained Darren White. “The switch to Energy is a good one and will allow me to be more flexible in the way we operate as a business. As the distributor for all of Canada, we will begin to set up dealers across the country as well as rebrand our race team. Also, we will have a big impact at the upcoming 2014 Florida Winter Tour. I would like to thank OTK, Tony Kart, PSerra Racing as well as Andre Martins from OTK USA for a great brand and relationship.”

With the switch, Energy Kart Canada will undergo a complete overhaul. With a new team tent, clothing and image, the Energy Corse logo and colors will be displayed prominently at major series across the United States and Canada. Energy Kart Canada has currently planned competition at the 2014 Florida Winter Tour, Eastern Canadian Karting Championships, Canadian Karting Championships, SuperKarts! USA SuperNationals and other select events.

White added, “This is a big change for me and it will be a shock to a lot of the people in Canada. Tony Kart has been one of the elite brands in North America over the past few seasons but we are looking to bring Energy to the forefront. We have a major effort behind this and support from both the United States and Europe.”

Energy Kart Canada and White will work very close with the Energy Corse factory as well as its owner Mick Panigada. With transfer of information between the two companies on kart setup as well as research and development, the new Canadian distributor will become a staple in the future success of the Energy brand in North America.

“Energy Corse is founded on a professional, balanced and pro-active racing approach. We seek out our own weaknesses in order to be better prepared for all outcomes, this also means we are never standing still, constantly developing and pushing the envelope of performance as well as personal and professional development as a team and in their drivers,” explained Mick Panigada from Energy Corse. “This fundamental approach to driver training is shared by Darren, a former Rotax World Championship contender for Team Canada and Canadian Rotax Champion, he knows all too well the commitment needed first from the driver before the chassis package. With support from Energy Corse and a supreme chassis design, the second part of Darren’s job will be that much easier.”

With the goal to grow the Energy brand throughout Canada, Energy Kart Canada will immediately begin the process of setting up tier one dealers throughout the country. Tier one dealerships will be set up regionally to help better maximize profit margins and sales areas for the dealership base. Tier two dealerships are also available, and can be set up as well. SKZ Motorsports in Alberta, Canada will continue to operate as a tier two dealer and support the local club in that region. Please contact Energy Kart Canada to discuss these exciting opportunities.

Energy Kart also has a strong relationship with the Lotus F1 Junior program. Working with the F1 development program, Energy Kart Owner, Mick Panigada develops and chooses fresh talent to enter the development ladder. With a connection to a professional development program, Energy Kart and Energy Kart Canada hope to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the program and help drivers make the transition to the next step of their careers.

For more information about the Energy Kart Canada, the race team, the Energy chassis line as well as product sales and arrive and drive programs, please visit their website or contact them by phone at 905.377.5845.

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