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Energy Kart North America Welcomes Brechin Motorsports as a Dealer

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Energy Kart North America Welcomes Brechin Motorsports as a Dealer

Energy Kart North America is excited to confirm Brechin Motorsports Park, formerly known as Gamebridge Go-Karts, as their newest dealer for the championship-winning Energy Karts brand. The new agreement formed will bring back the Energy Kart brand to the location in which it was introduced to Canada back in 2011 when Energy Kart Canada was founded.

Darren White, owner of Energy Kart North America is very optimistic about this new opportunity for his operation.

“We are very excited to have Brechin Motorsports Park, and Lou Pasubio, become our newest Energy Kart Dealer. We have been working very closely the last month and the relationship has already become a great one. They have a lot of great drivers coming out of their club and I know once they are on our ECKC and National championship winning Energy 4C four-stroke kart, that they will continue to win races and more championships.”

White also explained that drivers will have the chance to start out with Brechin Motorsports and when they are looking for more competition, drivers can work their way up the karting ladder with the Energy Kart team, as well as showing brand support at the local level.

“Brechin will be a great addition to our Energy team as they focus primarily on four-stroke racing and have a race track with a growing club, that has doubled in numbers in just the past year. In addition to supplying and selling Energy Karts and parts, they were also looking to have close support with us and want me to make sure we could offer support at all their club races. So we will have an Energy North America representative at all TKC races and special events”

“Once our team and whichever driver feel they are ready to tackle bigger regional and National races like Florida Winter Tour, CRFKC or RFNC, then they will have the opportunity to graduate to our Energy Kart North America race team and compete at some of the biggest races in North America.”

Brechin Motorsports Park have had Energy Karts and parts in stock for a couple weeks now and their first TKC club race is this Sunday, April 29.

“Finally, Brechin Motorsports Park became our ninth Energy Kart dealer in North America and with this great momemtum, we are looking to make it ten in the next couple months. Those who are interested should contact us.”

To learn more about Energy Karts, visit or contact For more information about Brechin Motorsports, contact


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