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Rotax Max Drivers Roar Under the Lights in the CRFKC Finale


Rotax Max Drivers Roar Under the Lights in the CRFKC Finale

Saturday night was the finale of the 2015 Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge at Goodwood Kartways. 127 karters were on hand to endure the cold and wet conditions while racing under the lights, proving it to be a very difficult day of racing. CKN’s Neelan Nadesan was on hand once again to catch all the highlight’s from this weekend’s race.

CRFKC: 127 entries are on hand to close out the Champion Ron Fellow Karting Challenge tonight at Goodwood Kartways. Keep…

Posted by Canadian Karting News on Saturday, September 12, 2015

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Rotax Micro Max

Fast Qualifier: Dale Curran
Prefinal Winner: Dale Curran

With the varying weather conditions in the Micro-Max final it was Ryland Duesburry (Energy Kart) who adapted well, taking the final win from his third place starting position. Dale Curran (BirelART) struggled in the early stages of the race with the changing conditions after winning the PreFinal which allowed Duesburry to take the early lead, and even though he was able to match the leaders pace at the later stages of the race, it was too late to catch Duesburry. The second place finish however would give Curran the CRFKC championship. Austin Boyle (Intrepid), Adam Moor (CRG) and Marcello Paniccia (Intrepid) completed the top five in the final.

Rotax Mini Max

Fast Qualifier: Stefano Lucente
Prefinal Winner: Stefano Lucente

Stefano Lucente (PSL MINI) swept the day in Rotax Mini-Max after he dominating the final, taking the win by four-seconds over Liam Ortlieb (Maranello). Gianluca Savaglio (Intrepid) started second but was passed by Otlieb at the beginning of the race and didn’t have the pace to get back around the Maranello driver. Chad Webster and Liam Rhodes completed the top-five. By winning the Final Stefano Lucente comfortably won the series championship.

Rotax Max Junior

Fast Qualifier: Nicolas Hornbostel
Prefinal: Ryan Macdermid

Nicholas Hornbostel (Energy Kart) took the lead of the Rotax Junior final on lap one ahead from Ryan Macdermid (TonyKart) and cruised the victory on Saturday night. MacDermid was quick all day, however he struggled in the wet and was forced to settle for second. The series champion Russel Boyle (Intrepid) finished in third as that was all he needed to do to lock up the title. Cole Hooton (Intrepid) and Jordan Slipacoff (Intrepid) completed the top five.

Rotax Max Senior

Fast Qualifier: Marco Signoretti
Prefinal Winner: Marco Signoretti

Marco Sigoneritti (Energy) took the holeshot in the Rotax Senior final ahead of Tyler Kashak (Intrepid) in the Rotax Senior final. However lady luck would not be on Signoretti’s side as his chain would pop off later that lap in the final chicane, handing the lead to Kashak. Kashak then kept the lead for the remainder of the final in front of a train of go karts battling for second. Davide Greco (FA kart) dropped down to fifth on the start but worked his way back up to second in the final laps of the race. Alex Liscio (TonyKart), Chad Campbell (GP Kart) and William Campbell (Intrepid) completed the top five after following Kashak for the whole race. With Signoretti faltering in the final, Kashak’s win meant he would leap frog the Energy driver in the points and take the title.

Rotax Masters

Fast Qualifier: Peter Courteau
Prefinal Winner: Derek Woodbridge

Derek Woodbridge (Intrepid) dominated the Rotax Masters final on Saturday night taking the final win ahead of Peter Courteau (Kosmic), Alexander Mankovski (Intrepid) and Bruno Sorgioranni (Intrepid). Third in the final was good enough for Mankovski to take the class championship.

Rotax DD2

Fast Qualifier: Tyler Kashak
Prefinal Winner: Tyler Kashak

Canadian DD2 Champion Tyler Kashak (Intrepid) easily won the Rotax DD2 final on Saturday giving him the series sweep in DD2 and making him the only double class champion in the inter club championship. Enrico Menotti (Intrepid) finished second ahead of Austin Riley (Intrepid), Dean Cotton (TonyKart) and John Cariati (Intrepid).

The inaugural season for the Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge was a proven success, with excellent entries and superb racing at all four events. Look for more excitement to come for 2016 from the series organizers.

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