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WCKC Adds Micro-Max Lottery Engine Program and Awards

Rotax Micro Max racing at the Rotax Grand Finals in Brazil (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

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WCKC Adds Micro-Max Lottery Engine Program and Awards

The 2019 Western Canadian Karting Championship has added the Rotax Micro Max category to their lineup and will offer free entry fee to those drivers who utilize the lottery engine program.

In addition, three tickets will be up for grabs to the Rotax International Trophy, held in Le Mans, France this August. Those tickets will be awarded after the second round of the WCKC to entries who compete with the lottery engines and will include “some extra funding from WCKC to help with the added costs.”

The lottery engine fee will be $350.00 for each round of the WCKC. For those who want to utilize their own Rotax engine in Micro Max, the cost to enter will be $265.00.

Earlier this week the WCKC also announced on their Facebook page that all of the Rotax Max classes will use the pushback bumper system for the 2019 season. This brings them up to speed with the program supported at the Rotax Grand Finals and other major karting events around the world.

“We have tested and used the drop down bumpers at large international races and it really has cleaned up the racing. It’s our focus to create the best events possible with safety as a priority and to have clean races. We understand in the heat of the moment pushing and contact can happen, but racers need to know that they can not benefit from making contact and move up spots. Now you have to think about protecting your nose cone,” said Blake Choquer of the WCKC.

Below is the official Micro Max announcement from the WCKC.

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