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One Event in 2024 to Determine MKG Canada Final Champions


One Event in 2024 to Determine MKG Canada Final Champions

The Max Karting Group have revealed to CKN that they will host only one major event in Western Canada this summer where six coveted tickets to the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals will be up for grabs.

The event will return to the Rotax Mojo Raceway in Warburg, Alberta on August 1-4 where a two-race mini championship will be held to determine the 2024 champions and the tickets.

It will a Rotax exclusive event with no additional categories on the schedule. From Micro Max to Masters Max it is an invite to all Rotax racers chasing a ticket to compete in Sarno, Italy this fall.

One change that was also confirmed to CKN is the replacement of Rotax DD2 Masters with Rotax Max Masters. Masters drivers looking to qualify for the Grand Finals will need to do so in the single-speed category where the winner will earn a spot in Italy.

More details to come in the near future. With the momentum from a very successful 2023 season in Western Canada, we’re expecting this to be a big one.

Mark your calendars and we will see you there!

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