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Point Pelee Karting Club Hosting Their Memorial Race This Weekend!

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Point Pelee Karting Club Hosting Their Memorial Race This Weekend!

This weekend Point Pelee Karting Club will host their annual Memorial Race Weekend. This event brings out the true spirit of the club as they hold their family values close and keep the legacies of their late members going.

With this being the clubs biggest race of the year, anticipation is high as it looks to be a great weekend of racing. Saturday, September 14 will be the Prelude Race where the registration will start at 2 pm for an afternoon filled with racing.

Sunday will be the PPKC Memorial Race Day that will include the parade lap that commemorates all the members the club has lost over the years. Registration for Sunday’s race day will begin with registration at 8 am and practice at 10 am.

The club will be raffling a set of tires for the Novice class, Junior and Senior Briggs classes and the TAG racers. Also, each class will have two gift cards drawn for drivers to win.

For Jason Papp, manager of the PPKC for more than a decade, the Memorial Race weekend is a special moment for everyone to remember what karting is really about.

“We are looking forward to presenting our annual PPKC memorial race this weekend. This is a very special race for us each year, where we honour past club members. This weekend is a vivid reminder of what karting is all about: the Karting family.”

“Win or lose, we all know that we race karts week after week because we love it and the people we race with. Over the years at PPKC have been very fortunate to have formed a very tight group of racers that share this opinion.”

“This weekend is our tribute to those that shared that philosophy and pay respect to past racers from our club. It’s amazing to see how many family members, past and present, that come out to this race to watch and take in the memorial flag laps of tribute before our feature races. Truly a special day.”

For those interested in making the trip up the club offers Novice, Junior Lite, Junior Heavy, Briggs Senior, Tag Senior and Tag Masters.

For more information please got to the PPKC Facebook page or CKN’s Neelan Nadesan will be on-site reporting and taking pictures of the event.

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