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KartStars Canada Point Pelee Registration Update


KartStars Canada Point Pelee Registration Update

Press Release by: KartStars Canada.

Registration numbers soar past the 180 mark! 

With on-site registration still available this weekend, the Point Pelee Event has once again exceeded all expectations.

“When we made the commitment to add the PPK Karting facility to our schedule back in 2020 many in the karting community questioned our decision,” stated Series Promoter Daniel Di Leo. “It’s too far, the market in southern Ontario is too small, their members don’t travel etc.”

After covid forced the cancellation of the 2020 event, last season marked the first visit and what a success it was. Just under 150 entries made up that inaugural trip,  welcome party and fireworks to boot!

A year later trucks are packed and the KartStars Team is en route once again. A staggering 182 pre-registered and yet again proof that teamwork makes the dream work.

“Members of the PPKC have supported KartStars events from Day 1,” explained Daniel. “We look forward to visiting their home track on an annual basis. It’s very rewarding to see their club growing again and watching their participation levels grow round after round means a lot to us. Thank you to ALL involved. This weekend’s festivities can’t start soon enough!”

For more information on the KartStars Canada program visit

Looking to register? You still have time – email Registration is available on-site.

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