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News & Notes: Shifter Karts back in Action at NOKC!


News & Notes: Shifter Karts back in Action at NOKC!

It has been a few years since a decent shifter kart class has raced in Canada. After the class sort of self destructed with the arrival of the Rotax DD2, it appears the class is trying to make a comeback.

With a strong push from the gang at Innisfil Indy and the NOKC, the Ontario region saw ten 125cc Shifter Karts in action at the Northern Ontario Karting Championship opening round in Innisfil a few weeks back. It was the largest class of the weekend, and there already talks of more drivers reaching for gears. Winning the event was Nico Fattore in a relatively easy fashion, but with a strong crop of rookies still coming to grips with their powerful shifter machines, it’s won’t be long until he has some company battling him up front.

The class will compete all season at NOKC and Innisfil Indy events, plus the group plans to travel to the very popular Le Monaco de Trois Rivieres in late July. The exciting street race has always thrived off the Shifter Kart class, and after a mediocre turnout in 2012 could be back as the headline class for Saturdays’ Quebec Cup feature event.

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