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Six Races Scheduled for 2021 Canadian Karting Challenge

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Six Races Scheduled for 2021 Canadian Karting Challenge

Four tracks will be visited by the series this season

The Canadian Karting Challenge has revealed their calendar for 2021 and has expanded to include multiple tracks across Ontario.

The six races of the Canadian Karting Challenge will team up with other club races to determine their champions.

First up will be on May 1/2 at the Mosport Karting Centre with the Mosport International Karting Association. Round two will be held at the regular home of the CKC, Innisfil Indy on June 5/6.

As part of the lead up to round three of the MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship, the CKC will travel to the Canadian Mini Indy in Hamilton on July 9/10 to race with the Hamilton Regional Karting Club.

The second half of the season will see races at Innisfil on July 24/25, followed by Mosport on August 7/8 and rounding out the season at Innisfil on September 4/5.

No other information about the series has been revealed yet, but we’re sure more info will come soon.

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