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Woah, CAN-AM Karting Challenge Offers $1 Registration!

CAN-AM Karting Challenge

Woah, CAN-AM Karting Challenge Offers $1 Registration!

For racers in the pacific northwest both north and south of the border, the CAN-AM Karting Challenge has been a staple over the last five seasons. But this past winter there has been much confusion about the future of the race series and the majority of the plans have been changed a number of times.

So, as a simple reason to get everyone on track, the CAN-AM Karting Challenge is offering registration for their first race of the year for only $1.00! That’s right, just a buck!

Read the official bulletin below, posted to the CAN-AM Karting Challenge Facebook page, as well as some other notices the series has published in recent weeks about tires and class structure.

RACE FOR A BUCK. Really. We’re not kidding. We realize there has been confusion and communication challenges for this year’s CAN-AM Karting Challenge. We empathize with our racers and we have been collectively thinking internally how best to make up for it. We feel we’ve got something really special, and we think you’ll agree. Effective immediately, entry for the first event will be $1.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is for pre-entry only. Racers who register at the track will still be subject to the full entry price. We cannot stress the importance of pre-entry enough, as it helps us plan with consumables, accordingly.

Racers will still be required to purchase one set of Evinco tires for the season, but the online pre-entry has been reduced to nothing more than a dollar. “I realize there was a lot of confusion regarding this year’s season,” explained CAN-AM Karting’s Mike Rolison. “There have been ownership change rumors and venue changes, and I realize that can make it difficult when planning a race calendar. To try and make up for the confusion, I wanted to do something big as an appreciation and recognition for northwest racers.”

Drivers who have already entered the McMinnville event online may elect to carry over their $1 entry to subsequent rounds. The collective goal is to achieve fuller grids, and foster an environment where racers have plenty of competition on track. In addition to the pricing incentive, CAN-AM Karting has also retained the services of outside help from some of the best racing professionals in the country.

“We really wanted people to see a difference in the quality and product on track,” explained Mike Rolison. “If we’re ever going to grow the region and push forward, I realized it required the outside help of some of the best karting industry personnel available.” Racers can expect to see new names and faces at this year’s series — including national and regional race officials, marketing staff, and tech stewards.

“We know this year has gotten off to a slow start,” Rolison added. “We wanted to make it a no-brainer for our racers to come see the difference. With entry being nothing more than a dollar, we feel we’ve done everything we can to make CAN-AM as inclusive as we can.”

Online entry is available now by visiting:

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