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Western Canadian Karting Championship Releases Supplemental Rules and Rotax Engine Lease Program

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Western Canadian Karting Championship Releases Supplemental Rules and Rotax Engine Lease Program

Just under three months from now, the Western Canadian Karting Championship will host the first round of their brand new 2018 campaign. Racers will begin chasing tickets to be members of Team Canada for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Brazil, as well as bragging rights in a number of classes from Briggs 206 racing to shifter karts.

Recently, the organizers have confirmed their supplemental ruleset, with some bold new practices being used in the championship. There is no doubt the WCKC will be different than what is current in karting, and that is exciting.

Races in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia will host a number of racers from across the country. Online registration is open for the first round at Calgary Kart Racing Club and can be found here.

In addition to the supplemental rules, series organizers have released a document with information for racers who may be interested in leasing a Rotax Max engine for the championship. The series is promising to deliver equal engines to all drivers at a very discounted rental price, something that could appeal to those on the fence about racing, racing on a budget, or looking to do an arrive and drive option. More information about the Rotax Engine Lease program can be found here.

“The engine lottery is designed to create the equal playing field that is affordable,” explained Blake Choquer to CKN. “Without this in place, parents will easily spend $1000-5000 per race building, dynoing their own engines or renting $1500 engines. We want to send the best driver to the 2018 Rotax Grand Finals. Not the person with the best power. At $350.00 a weekend for a basic engine, we have achieved something that the rest of the sport has yet to have accomplished.”

CKN will be trackside at the first round in Strathmore, Alberta, recently putting it on our list of six races we are really excited to attend in 2018.

More information about the Western Canadian Karting Championship can be found on their website,

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