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Webster’s First Major Victory Comes in Canada’s Biggest Briggs Field Ever!


Webster’s First Major Victory Comes in Canada’s Biggest Briggs Field Ever!

A record-setting 78 drivers enter Briggs Senior at inaugural Ontario Inter-Club Challenge event

Chad Webster has finally overcome the hurdle that has haunted him for many race seasons. Competing in the inaugural Ontario Inter-Club Challenge at Goodwood Kartways over the weekend, Webster finally secured a major race win, a victory he has come so close to, so many times, and he did it in record-breaking fashion.

Smashing a Canadian record for the number of entries in a Briggs category, Briggs Senior featured 78 drivers on Sunday at Goodwood, the largest field of drivers we’ve witnessed at CKN and talking through the paddock, the largest anyone can recall over the past number of decades. And it was extremely competitive too, featuring multiple former Canadian and Regional Champions.

Taking victory was no easy feat as well, as drivers had to navigate through six competitive sessions before getting to the checkered flag.

The race day started on a damp track and under foggy conditions. Even though no rain was falling, the moisture in the air kept the drivers on their toes and in Qualifying, the track was more than two seconds off the regular pace. Topping the times to start the event off was Michael Ing, making a big statement aboard his new Coyote Kart with support from Team Karts & Parts.

Splitting the Senior drivers into four groups for three rounds of heat races, the racing at the front was intense with only one driver, Vassil Tchiplakov (Synergy Kart), able to secure two heat wins. Ing, Logan Ploder (CL Kart), Gavin Goldie (Goodwood F4K) and Anthony Frattaroli (BirelART) scored the other heat wins.

Re-gridding the group for two SuperHeats, the intensity kicked up a notch with only 40 grid spots available for the Main Event.

Tchiplakov just narrowly held off Ploder, Marco Di Leo (Goodwood F4K) and Goldie in SuperHeat A to score the highest number of points and lock down the pole position for the Final.

In SuperHeat B, trouble at the start resulted in front-row starters Ing and Christian Savaglio (TonyKart) spinning wide in corner one and sending the entire field into a flurry to avoid them. This opened the doors for Webster to launch into the race lead and he held the spot all the way to the checkered flag to earn himself the other front-row starting spot for the big show.

The Briggs Senior group started the race day off and then capped off the race day with nearly everyone in attendance finding a spot to watch as forty of Ontario’s best Briggs racers roared into corner one for their Feature.

Tchiplakov led the early stages as a group of seven drivers broke free from the pack. Ensuring the race leader couldn’t get away, Goldie made his move for the lead on lap five and held the point for two laps until Webster decided it was his time to lead. Moving into P1 at halfway, Webster brought Tchiplakov with him, relegating Goldie back to third. On the next lap, the battle for third saw Goldie fall back to seventh when the rest of the lead pack drafted by him as Gianluca Savaglio (Ricciardo Kart) moved into P3.

This opened up a small gap for the lead pair and as the laps ticked away around the quick Goodwood circuit, Webster started to pull away from Tchiplakov. As the last lap board was displayed, Webster had a three-kart-length gap and enough to not need a defensive race line.

Hitting all his marks, Webster rounded the final corner with his arm pumping in the air and the crowd cheering loudly. Finally, he was a major race winner, and he did it in the biggest Canadian Briggs class ever.

The emotions were on display during his checkered flag lap and in the scale line after as Webster couldn’t contain his happiness. Many of his fellow competitors also came to congratulate him, with high-fives and hugs all around.

Tchiplakov crossed the finish line in second place followed by Savaglio two seconds later. Ploder was fourth to the finish line but received a one-position penalty for contact that elevated Alec Drummond (TonyKart) to fourth place.

To view the results, head over to Speed Hive.

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