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Five Questions Ahead of Ontario Inter-Club Challenge Round Two


Five Questions Ahead of Ontario Inter-Club Challenge Round Two

Five Questions Ahead of Ontario Inter-Club Challenge Round Two

The summer solstice has arrived and the insanity that is the Canadian summer karting season is in full swing. Every weekend from here until the end of August has a major karting event scheduled on it, and many of them have multiples. This weekend we will be back at the Mosport Karting Centre for the second round of the Ontario Inter-Club Challenge.

Just one month ago the inter-club program between TRAK, MIKA and HRKC broke records with the largest field of Briggs Senior drivers in Canada, as well as the largest single-day karting event. It was a hectic day with non-stop action and incredible racing, and it will be a memory for decades to come.

Now round two is upon us and it’s MIKA’s turn to entertain. MIKA is no stranger to hosting large club races and has a very loyal group of club racers who choose to spend many of their summer weekends racing next door to corner nine at the famous Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

One thing we wanted to touch on as well was the updated results after Goodwood. Following the Goodwood event, eight carburettors from podium finishers were sent to Briggs & Stratton for further investigation. After inspection, six of the eight were deemed illegal and the Ontario Inter-Club challenge has issued a statement based on the findings, which can be read here.

So what do we have in store for Sunday’s Ontario Inter-Club Challenge? Here are five questions we’ve come up with ahead of round two at Mosport.

Will Briggs Senior be even bigger than at Mosport?

In the days leading up to round one, the number of racers in Briggs Senior continued to climb and when registration officially closed, 80 drivers were entered. Officially, 78 karts rolled for Qualifying and that is the largest field of Briggs racers ever in Canada.

We know MIKA has a huge club of Senior Briggs racers, and not all of them made the trip to Goodwood. So could we see an even higher number in the flagship Briggs category? We will find out on Sunday.

Can the overall record total of entries be broken?

The official number of entries in round one was 211 and that is a huge number of Briggs racers. There is a very good chance that the total could be exceeded this weekend, but two other major events are running relatively close to Mosport. The Cup Karts North America Summer Nationals are just across the border in Pittsburgh this weekend, and it is also round three of the Coupe de Montreal.

While this is just a regional race program catered to the kart clubs, we know both of those events have pulled a few racers away, but nonetheless, the best will still be at Mosport.

One thing is for certain, Briggs Racing in Canada is very strong at the moment, no matter where you look. The grids have never been larger or more competitive and we love it!

Will the weather steer clear of the Mosport Karting Centre?

Mother Nature kinda ruined the practice day vibe at Goodwood and delivered a damp and foggy track on Sunday morning that created a tricky start to the race day.

The forecast for this weekend is a little concerning too, with this current heat wave in the GTA also bringing random and heavy thunderstorms each day. With the temps cooling off just a little, we’re hoping for a clear day on Sunday for some great racing action.

However, rain is the great equalizer…so we know some will be praying for it.

Will there be a home track advantage like we saw at Goodwood?

TRAK club members stole the show at Goodwood, taking five of the six race wins. Will we see a similar storyline at Mosport from the MIKA members?

At the Ron Fellows Karting Championship event in May, that was the case with the likes of Logan Ploder (Senior), Ian MacIntyre (Masters) and Sloan Sterling (Junior) all scoring wins at their home track.

One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to find out who comes out on top on Sunday.

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After this weekend, there is a big break before the championship finale of the Ontario Inter-Club Challenge as round three will take place on September 22 at the Hamilton Karting Complex.

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