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WCC: No Challenge for Ryan Martin in Rotax Junior Final

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WCC: No Challenge for Ryan Martin in Rotax Junior Final

With heavy winds over the facility when it came time for Rotax Junior Qualifying, Matthew Tiskinen (OverDrive/TonyKart) was able to score just enough of a draft to edge Austin Riley (Racing With Autism/Energy Kart) for the pole-position with the top-seven karts all within three-tenths of a second.

The prefinal was full of action as Tiskinen led through the first chicane until Riley dove inside in corner seven for the lead. That lead didn’t last long as Ryan Martin (KGK/TonyKart) overtook Riley for the lead an ultimately went on with the heat win. Riley second, Fulham third.

Martin got the jump at the start of the Final with Riley slotting into third behind Jeff Fulham (KGK/TonyKart). The opening laps saw karts cutting more grass than a lawnmower, including Garett Gulynchen (TonyKart) falling out of the top-five, after colliding with Nolan Vogel (BBR/Kosmic).

All this action allowed Martin to pull away with Fulham comfortably in second. The battle for third heated up with Riley battling Jessica Dezell (Kosmic) until Clay Van Eerd made his way forward after starting at rear. Van Eerd wasted no time getting by the two then putting himself into pursuit of Fulham.

But his pursuit was nullified when Fulham coasted to the side of the track at the halfway mark with an electrical issue leaving Riley, Dezell and Vogel to duke it out for the final podium spot.

Martin eased to the win with Van Eerd second. Vogel won the race for third, but a one position penalty for rough driving moved Riley onto the third step of podium as Rotax Junior provided the best race of the day.

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