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WCC: Coltin McCaughan Fights for Saturday Win in Rotax Senior

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WCC: Coltin McCaughan Fights for Saturday Win in Rotax Senior

In Rotax Senior qualifying, strategy began to take course as drivers pondered on how to best utilize their two sets of tires for three race days. With most opting for new tires for the second straight day, Garret Britton (K&M/Birel) was able to post the fastest time, just edging out American Jim McKinney (Overdrive/TonyKart) and Coltin McCaughan (CKN/TonyKart) with the top-three separated by less than a tenth and the top-ten by three-tenths of a second. Friday winner Bryce Choquer opted not to use fresh rubber and managed the fifth best time.

Excitement built through the prefinal as Britton led early on before surrendering the lead to McCaughan. But Choquer was able to work his way by, with slight contact sending McCaughan back to fourth. Choquer earned the heat win, Britton second, McCaughan third, Skylar Dunning (KGK/Kosmic) fourth and McKinney fifth.

Britton again got the jump at the start of the Final to take the early lead. With a deep lunge into corner seven, Choquer regained the top position on lap two with McCaughan doing the same on lap three. As McCaughan and Britton diced for the position, Choquer was able to build a small gap up front.

The racing slowed down as the laps clicked away, but McCaughan was inching into Choquers lead. With two laps to go, a move into corner seven opened the door for a new leader with Choquer fighting hard to regain the position. Pushing a little too hard, Choquer dropped a wheel allowing McCaughan to create enough of a gap to safely defend and take the win. The first win of the season for the CKN Brand Ambassador.

Choquer settled for second, McKinney took third, Dunning fourth and Britton fifth. Dunning was elevated onto the podium as McKinney cannot compete for points at the WCC.

Entering the final day of competition for the weekend, a close eye will be kept on Choquer and McCaughan as very different tire strategies have been played. Will one of them repeat, or could we see a third different winner on Sunday? Stay tuned to CKN to find out.

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