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The Answers from MRFKC2 at Mosport


The Answers from MRFKC2 at Mosport

The Answers from MRFKC2 at Mosport

We asked ten questions last week before the second round of the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship at the Mosport Karting Centre and following a great weekend of competition, we’re back to answer them.

Rok Senior – Does anyone have anything for PWT?

Yes! – Saturday we saw Patrick Woods-Toth score the win, but he really had to work for it, especially after Qualifying sixth, but on Sunday, Adam Ali paced the day and led every lap of the Final ahead of PWT and Ryan MacDermid.

The Rok Senior division is so close right now, especially at the top and that has us really excited for Nationals next week, back at Mosport.

Briggs Senior – How many karts will line up on the grid and can Prior hold them off again?

28 – While it wasn’t as big as we were expecting, especially after what we saw at the MIKA Canada Cup, the competition was stout. PRO had the pace in Qualifying, but Prime seemed to have the best race pace. Add in some very fast REM and Awesome Karts, and we have no less than 10 potential race winners every time they line up to hit the track.

Rok Junior – Will we see a first time winner?

No – We had high hopes, but Ayden Ingratta and Callum Baxter really were the class of the field this weekend, while Hamilton winners Frankie Esposito and Logan Pacza were also very fast.

Briggs Junior – Is this Jordan West’s breakout weekend?

Sort of – We may have taken a little slack for this one as Jordan had a crash in practice on Friday that really jeopardized his weekend. But he persevered and once again went to battle with Callum Baxter for the top. He did score the win on Sunday after a penalty to Baxter, but his breakout weekend will come soon…

Rok Mini – Can Makovskis Return to the top at home?

Oops – We were surprised to find out upon our arrival that Major Makovskis was taking the weekend off for some family time.

The weekend was dominated by Jensen Burnett but we’re hoping to see the return of Makovskis at Nationals and see how he can do.

Briggs Cadet – Pearsall, Baillargeon, Pipe or Morley?

Yes, yes, yes and yes – These four youngsters continue to impress us each race weekend. Pearsall persevered in the rain on Saturday while Pipe strategically drove to the win on Sunday. Baillargeon and Morley were right there too and we can’t leave out the strong appearance from Rocco Simone, who showed up for Sunday only and was quick right out of the gate.

Briggs Junior Lite – Can anyone overtake the PRO’s at their home track?

Yes – Muskaan Sattaur mixed up the action upfront in Junior Lite, doing her best to challenge the PRO trio of McKenzie, Sikma and Martella and nearly came home with the win on Sunday.

Briggs Masters – Will we see more take to the track?

Not really – Only 13 lined up in Briggs Masters again this weekend, but that didn’t stop them from putting on one of the best finishes of the weekend with six karts drag racing to the finish line on Sunday after plenty of contact in the final corner.

Open Shifter – Which engine will the favourite this time?

KZ on Saturday, Rok on Sunday – In the rain, Nico Christodoulou and his KZ beast drove off to victory, while Sunday it was Joshua Conquer and Vortex Rok that literally drove off into the sunset with a huge win.

Final Question – How many coffees will Fleets Coffee make this weekend?

We’re not sure – Okay, maybe this question was a stretch, but Fleets was once again awesome trackside at Mosport. The Philly Cheesesteak sandwich was so good, we had it twice. For sure Fleets has been one of the best trackside food options we’ve come across.

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