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Ten Questions Ahead of MRFKC 2 at Mosport!


Ten Questions Ahead of MRFKC 2 at Mosport!

The second stop of the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship is this weekend as racers take to the Mosport Karting Centre circuit.

Championship chases are set to heat up after a great start to the season three weeks ago at the Canadian Mini Indy in Hamilton.

We’re expecting higher numbers than round one, with drivers seeing the potential to use the weekend as a chance to prepare for the upcoming Canadian Karting Championships at Mosport in two weeks’ time.

Reflecting on each category set to hit the track, we’ve come up with a question we’re expecting to be answered on track this weekend.

Rok Senior – Does anyone have anything for PWT?

It seems to be a question we ask a lot, but Patrick Woods-Toth shows up every time it matters and he laid a beating on the Rok Senior division in the Finals.

He missed the mark just a bit in the rain, but with a dry track for both Finals, he was untouchable en route to a pair of wins and the early championship lead.

MacDermid, Ali, Ali, Curran, Soroka, Filice, Fellows, Maciel, Legault and the return of Savaglio should still make this class a showcase to watch this weekend.

Briggs Senior – How many karts will line up on the grid and can Prior hold them off again?

We’ve witnessed some very large grids of Briggs Senior drivers this season and heading to Mosport, we have a good feeling it may be the biggest of them all ahead of the Nationals. We’re hoping to see an excess of 35 this weekend pull the cord of their Briggs 206 and go to war.

With that said, Jordan Prior enters round two after a nice sweep at Hamilton. Can he stay on top or will we see any of the many top contenders score a win or two? We’ve got our eyes on Ali, Treadwell, Barnes, Heacock, Ploder and Murphy as potential winners this weekend.

Rok Junior – Will we see a first time winner?

At Hamilton, we saw Prime Poweteam teammates Pacza and Esposito score the wins, but the rookies in the division we’re right there. Could we see the likes of Ryan Maxwell, Yu Chen Ye or Joseph Launi get their first win in Rok Junior this weekend?

We can’t count out Marcello Paniccia too and we’ve heard that Ayden Ingratta and Ian Qui will join the MRFKC action this weekend too, leaving us guessing who might come out on top.

Briggs Junior – Is this Jordan West’s breakout weekend?

He started almost every race from the pole position at Hamilton, but in the Finals, Jordan West came up just short to Callum Baxter when it mattered most.

Could this be the weekend the youngster gets his first MRFKC win in Briggs Junior? We know Baxter won’t be willing to give up the top easily, and Ayden Ingratta is set to compete in double-duty ahead of the Nationals, making him an instant contender along with the likes of Mitchell Morrow, Joseph Launi, Noah Taylor and Nolan Hofrichter.

Rok Mini – Can Makovskis Return to the top at home?

Heading to his home track after a pair of podiums at round one, will we see Major Makovskis back on top of the MRFKC podium, or will we see another impressive weekend from Jensen Burnett?

Pearce Wade is another driver we need to keep an eye on, as a Mosport race winner from a year ago can sneak in at any time and score a victory.

Also leaving an impression at round one was Alexis Baillargeon and Savio Paniccia, who would not shock us with a win this weekend either.

Briggs Cadet – Pearsall, Baillargeon, Pipe or Morley?

These young guns put on a couple of great showcases at Hamilton and left us wanting more. Jackson Pearsall and Alexis Baillargeon scored the two wins, but Jackson Morley was only hundredths of a second away from victory in both Finals.

Keaton Pipe was a race winner earlier this season at the MIKA Canada Cup, so we can’t count him out this weekend, while we’re expecting a bounce-back weekend from Matthew Roach, who simply had no luck at Hamilton.

Briggs Junior Lite – Can anyone overtake the PRO’s at their home track?

We’ve seen some great growth in the Briggs Junior Lite division this season, thanks in part to the Mosport Karting Centre of team PRO. A number of new CL Karts have taken to the grid and occupied a number of the podium steps this season.

Joey Lecce was able to break the podium hold on Sunday at Hamilton, but will anyone be able to do that at the home of PRO this weekend? Sebastian Day will be tough to beat, as will Anthony Martella and Ethan Sikma.

We will watch and see.

Briggs Masters – Will we see more take to the track?

It was tough to see less than a dozen Briggs Masters line up on the grid at the Canadian Mini Indy last month, knowing how many more there are across the province.

We’re hopeful to see the numbers rise at Mosport this coming weekend and challenge the likes of Rich Folino, Eli Yanko, Marc Stehle and Ian MacIntyre for the wins.

Open Shifter – Which engine will the favourite this time?

Rok, KZ, TM 135cc. Open Shifter is a bit of a mess right now and it’s sad to see.

We know this class has the potential to be special, but we need more than a few drivers and teams to take it seriously and stick to a single set of rules for more than one season.

We’d love to see Masini, Conquer, Monteiro, Ramnarayan and Greco on the same package for a weekend for once.

Final Question – How many coffees will Fleets Coffee make this weekend?

Reminder, they have an awesome mobile app so you can place your order without standing in line and be notified when your order is ready. Just search for ‘Fleets Coffee’ in your app store. They will be at the track all weekend.

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