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Super Sunday for Lemieux at Canada Final Opener


Super Sunday for Lemieux at Canada Final Opener

Sunday’s portion of the Max Karting Group Canada Final in the Rotax Mini Max division was dominated by Antoine Lemieux as the young racer from Quebec controlled the PreFinal and Final races to cap off the weekend with the victory.

The opening lap of the Final saw Lemieux (SCR/BirelART) grab the lead from pole position, while Jackson Lachapelle (BCR/BirelART) slid into second and Bowen Gilbert (KartPlex/TB Kart) third. Behind, there was a big collision that ended the race for a number of drivers, while Gabriel Balog (KartPlex/JV Kart) snuck through it all and advanced from tenth to fourth.

Gilbert muscled his way by Lachapelle on lap two to gain second place, with Lemieux still within striking distance while Balog caught the leaders to make it a four-kart race.

Looking left and right lap after lap, Gilbert was eyeing up his chances at the lead but Lemieux kept him at bay.

Making no mistakes to the finish, Lemieux closed out the race win with Gilbert just behind at the finish line. On the final lap, Balog was able to sneak by Lachapelle to score a podium finish and mark a great recovery drive, along with posting the fastest lap of the race.

Lachapelle had to settle for fourth while Danyka Bodenstab (SCR/CL Kart) completed the top five.

Heading to Warburg, Alberta in a few weeks’ time for round two, this championship is going to be a great one. Lemieux will leave Saskatoon with the lead, but Gilbert, Lachapelle and Balog are still very much within striking distance and with a ticket to the Rotax Grand Finals on the line, these racers will be giving it their all to come out on top.

Max Karting Group Canada Final – Rotax Mini Max Final Results

1Antoine Lemieux
2Bowen Gilbert0.409
3Gabriel Balog0.581
4Jackson Lachapelle1.764
5Danyka Bodenstab9.793
6Mathias Broerken9.926
7Magnus Gerstmar19.425
8Adilyn Campbell1 lap
9Heidi McCumber4 laps
10Luca Popescu11 laps
11Louis-Tomas Pelletier15 laps
12Taryk Bodenstab15 laps
13Nicholas Thorne15 laps

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