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Stellar Turnout for MIKA SummerFest as TRAK Joins the Action at Mosport

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Stellar Turnout for MIKA SummerFest as TRAK Joins the Action at Mosport

As construction crews worked on the new entrance to the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park Karting Centre, over 130 drivers worked their way into the paddock for the Mosport International Karting Association (MIKA) annual SummerFest event.

Welcoming the members from the Toronto Racing Association of Karters (TRAK), the joint club event was held under beautiful skies with full grids through all classes on track. There were even a few additional entries from drivers who travelled from the BSRKC event at Shannonville.

The double-header is a feature event for the MIKA club, pushing drivers to their limits. Saturday raced the standard counter-clockwise direction while Sunday drivers tackled the track in the tricky reverse clockwise direction.

Always doing his best to support his club and his events, Mosport’s own Ken Flute offered up a BBQ and corn roast on Saturday afternoon to all of those in attendance.

On track there was plenty of great battles on display. Taegen Poles pushed Alex Murphy from flag to flag in Rotax Junior, while Briggs Junior and Senior fielded full grids that had everyone on their toes.

Photos by: Cody Schindel/CKN

Photos by: Cody Schindel/CKN

A large contingent of drivers helped fill the grids in the four-cycle classes. On Saturday, Kyle Edgar scored the win over Bailey Jacobs and Brandon Hawkin in the 26-strong Briggs Senior Final, while Joshua Conquer was on top in Briggs Junior and Ciarra Collison won the Briggs Junior Light Final. Quinn Dewsbury was the victor in Masters Four-Stroke.

Other Saturday winners included Tyler Kashak (Rotax DD2 and Rotax Senior), Alex Murphy (Rotax Junior), Peter Courteau (Rotax Masters), Ryan MacDermid (Mini-Max) and Gianluca Savaglio (Micro-Max).

Tackling the Mosport hills in reverse on Sunday, a new challenge was given to MIKA members as the club completed the second half of SummerFest.

Joshua Conquer added another Briggs Junior win, while out of towner Owen Clarke claimed Briggs Junior Light. Bailey Jacobs stepped up one step from Saturday to win on Sunday in Briggs Senior with John Wheeler overcoming Saturday winner Quinn Dewsbury in Briggs Masters.

In the Rotax Divisions, Taegen Poles was P1 in Rotax Junior, up one position from her Saturday result. Tyler Kashak once again doubled up, claiming wins in Rotax Senior and DD2, while Glen Wylie was the winner in Max Masters.


Photos by: Cody Schindel/CKN

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