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Savaglio Drives Forward 20 Positions in Rok Senior Final


Savaglio Drives Forward 20 Positions in Rok Senior Final

Marco Filice puts two Canadians in the top-ten at the Rok Cup SuperFinal

Two Canadian drivers finished inside the top ten of the Rok Senior Final at the Rok Cup SuperFinal in Italy.

The race started with five Canadians making the main event and three of them starting inside the top ten.

A great run for the inside line saw Robert Soroka, Marco Filice and Nolan Bower advance into positions three, four and five through the opening sequence of corners

Filice was the first to make a move and passed Soroka for third, setting off a flurry of activity in the opening laps of the final with karts scrambling and jousting for positions early.

Trying to defend his position didn’t last long for Filice as he was moved out of the way on lap three and simultaneously, Soroka was spun out in one of the hairpins, and Bower was forced off track in the final corner, ending both of their races way too soon.

Also withdrawing early on was Lorenzo Morsillo, who had a good start before pulling off track with an issue.

Carving his way through the chaos, Gianluca Savaglio was on an early race tear after starting 29th on the grid. By halfway, Savaglio had caught Filice and moved by him to continue his charge towards the top-ten.

As the laps ticked away, the race finally calmed down in the front half of the field.

Savaglio moved into ninth but had a large gap to the next position that he couldn’t overcome.

Filice was finally able to settle down and blistered off some of the fastest race laps to regain the tenth position.

And that is where they finished.

Two Canadians inside the top ten is a great feat, and the potential for two more to be there shows just how strong our Rok Cup program is in Canada right now.

In the Rok Senior Trophy Final, Andrew Maciel started on row two and moved into second place early on.

Coming under attack from behind, Maciel went for a pass to regain the second position after losing it, but contact resulted in a mechanical issue that brought his TonyKart to a halt in the final corner.

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