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BRP Rotax Confirms North American Tire ‘Test Market’ for 2017


BRP Rotax Confirms North American Tire ‘Test Market’ for 2017

It’s not really new news, but it’s still news.

Yesterday, BRP Rotax sent out an press release to confirm that the North American region has been allowed to test out racing on a tire different than the MOJO, the official tire of Rotax Max competition world wide. They also confirmed that around the world, Rotax Junior will not utilize the MOJO D2 (ending the life of the D1) and that Rotax Senior will use the MOJO D3, joining the DD2 categories on the tire.

In their announcement, BRP Rotax have accepted that the North American region has requested to use a tire with more grip and thus allowed MAXSpeed Entertainment (USA) and SRA Karting (Canada) to utilize the VEGA MAX1 tires that have been announced for the 2017 season in North America.

But, there was also one other important note in the announcement. In 2018, any Rotax category and series that wants to qualify their drivers for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals, must use MOJO tires only.

It is an interesting move by BRP Rotax to declare something this early, given the number of changes and updates their program has dealt with, especially since the introduction of the EVO upgrade.

BRP Rotax will monitor the use of the VEGA MAX1 in 2017, intending to use the positive feedback it receives into developing their 2018 MOJO tires.

Given the way the testing and development went this year into the MOJO D3+ that was used at the Rotax Grand Finals in Italy and the failed MOJO D4 project, we’re not too sure how it will go for introducing another new tire in a years time, but at this point only time will tell.

Lets all just hope for the best.

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