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EDKRA Announces Partnership with BRP-Rotax; Renames Track The Rotax Mojo Raceway

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EDKRA Announces Partnership with BRP-Rotax; Renames Track The Rotax Mojo Raceway

This exciting new partnership between engine manufacturer BRP-Rotax and the Edmonton & District Kart Racing Association in Warburg Alberta sparks a new cooperation that is fully focused on assisting the sport of karting to grow while sustaining a positive future for the club members. The rebranding of the club’s circuit in Western Canada as the Rotax MOJO Raceway in Edmonton brings with it the support of Rotax quality products and an opportunity to improve the racing experience for the local competitors, based on the worldwide Rotax MAX Challenge concept.

“When BRP-Rotax started its karting business the main goal was to promote and support the karting sport. The first initiatives have been in club sport racing. Even though the business has developed towards the racing scene, club sport has always remained the centerpiece of karting. The Rotax MOJO Raceway in Edmonton will be the first Rotax branded kart race track in cooperation with EDKRA. Together we are focusing on the steady growth of karting, especially in club sport racing and strengthening the Rotax brand within the karting world”, said Peter Oelsinger, vice-president Rotax Propulsion Systems and Finance.”

President of the EDKRA, Earl Wong, is confident the new collaboration with BRP-Rotax enables them to guarantee a brighter future for their club members and for their passion of karting.

“It has always been the mandate of the EDKRA to promote the sport of kart racing in our region. This new partnership with BRP-Rotax only bolsters that position.” Mr. Wong added, “It’s always exciting to have founding members such as Kevin Dowler, our Vice President, to have the vision of where the sport of kart racing should be in Western Canada, and with the co-operation of Steven Chapman from BRP-Rotax, the EDKRA already having a premier kart racing facility in Western Canada, ensures the Edmonton & District Kart Racing Association is a formidable presence in the North American Kart Racing Map. The longevity of our club will continue to promote kart racing in Western Canada for generations to come. BRP-Rotax has proven their commitment to the karting community by supporting one of Canada’s Premiere Kart Track and its members.”

Kevin Dowler, EDKRA vice-president, was instrumental in playing a proactive role in this new-found partnership, believing this was a significant step to provide their members with quality material for better competition and support, together with developing the entry-level classes. “The EDKRA is excited to partner with the world’s largest kart racing engine manufacturer. Rotax has been the main staple here at the race track in Warburg Alberta, a small suburb of Edmonton the provincial capital. We will continue to pursue a steady growth of karting while showcasing the high level of quality and equality on offer with the Rotax group of engines.”

The EDKRA was formed in 1963 and is pleased to partner with this worldwide corporation. “Our intention is to build the Rotax Junior classes to be the biggest in the nation. The incentives that Rotax has offered represents the first ever such commitment to any regional series in North America and the club looks forward to continued support by the racers and their families,” added Dowler.

This weekend, the EDKRA will celebrate the beginning of a new era when they welcome their club members and their supporters to race at the Rotax MOJO Raceway in Edmonton.

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