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Rok Cup SuperFinal: Team Canada Preview – Part 2


Rok Cup SuperFinal: Team Canada Preview – Part 2

In our second preview of Team Canada for the 2022 Rok Cup SuperFinal, we take a look at the Shifter and Expert Plus drivers representing the maple leaf in Italy.

If you missed part one, click here:

Shifter Rok – 3 Drivers

  • Davide Greco, #415, Lennox Racing, CL Kart
  • Dante Lerra, #414, Lennox Racing, CL Kart
  • Nicholas Taylor, #428, GP Racing SRL, GP Kart

There are 37 drivers entered in ROK Shifter this weekend and we got a good feeling about our drivers.

Both Davide Greco and Nicholas Taylor competed last weekend while Dante Lerra was in attendance to take it in and see what was in store at South Garda. All three have competed on this famous circuit before and look to be in contention for the top-ten and maybe more.

Taylor, a former member of the Calgary Kart Racing Club and now living in Malta, has been competing in KZ2 throughout the summer in Italy and has adjusted nicely to the ROK Shifter program during his debut.

Greco was a podium threat last year with Lennox Racing and returns to the team for another shot with high expectations.

It will be the first time he’s competed in the Rok Cup SuperFinal, but Dante Lerra has raced at South Garda Karting before in a WSK competition a few years back. He may surprise a few people this week and his dedication to showcasing his talents is on display.

Expert Plus – 2 Drivers

  • Mark Pavan, #159, Privateer, Exprit Kart
  • Sylvain Coulombe, #160, Privateer, TonyKart

Wrapping up our Team Canada is two drivers competing in the Expert Plus division.

Mark Pavan is one of the oldest drivers in attendance this week but that isn’t slowing him down in his second trip to the Rok Cup SuperFinal. He will compete amongst the best drivers aged 45 and up and like last year, he’s here to learn and make an impression. He’s got the experienced Brian Bettencourt on the wrenches to help him along the way and we will see how it all goes.

We don’t often see Sylvain Coulombe in a Rok, but he has taken the opportunity to compete on the global stage for the first time this weekend. With support from Premier Karting and Martin Laplante, Coulombe is also racing in the Expert Plus category. He’s worked hard to prepare for the event and is taking it all in so far at South Garda.

With no timing yet, we are curious to see where our Experts rank on the time charts starting on Thursday but we have a good feeling they will be in the top-half of their division.

Unfortunately, we do not have any Canadians competing in the Expert Rok category this year.

Live timing can be found on the Rok Cup SuperFinal website starting Thursday.

Saturday’s races will be broadcasted on YouTube. When the link is available, we will have it embedded on CKN for you to watch. (Remember, we are 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time)

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