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ROK Cup Quebec Elects for VEGA Tires for 2014 Debut Season

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ROK Cup Quebec Elects for VEGA Tires for 2014 Debut Season

Coming off their big series announcement, the ROK Cup Quebec continues to push forward towards the first race of their season.

After originally announcing that the series would race on Bridgestone tires, series officials have switched up and will now race on VEGA tires for 2014.

“In the current Québec and Ontario trend to keep the karting development series on the same tires, ROK Cup Québec is proud to announce an agreement with VEGA tires for this season. Mr. Dominic Labrecque, President of PSL Karting and VEGA Canadian importer is proud to support the series. The Vortex importer Mr. Andre Martin, OTK USA general manager is also very satisfied with this agreement,” explained series organizer LP Gelinas.

We were able to speak with LP about why he elected to change tire manufacturers and he was very straight forward in helping keep drivers on the same tires and keep budget costs low.

“It is very important to me to keep development categories on the same tires, Micro, Mini, Briggs, incase they want to come and try the ROK Cup they can run on the same tires…dry and rain. But most important was the pricing, and VEGA will offer ROK cup a factory program for the drivers!”

The ROK Cup Quebec will kick off on May 4 at the PSL Montreal karting track, on the grounds of Circuit ICAR, in Mirabel, Quebec.

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