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Record Twelfth Rotax Grand Finals Appearance On Tap for Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)


Record Twelfth Rotax Grand Finals Appearance On Tap for Scott Campbell

Having only one race this year to qualify for the Rotax Grand Finals and to extend his record number of appearances, the ASN Canadian National Karting Championships were a little more nerve-wracking than usual for Saskatchewan’s Scott Campbell. But after a couple days of practice showed that his lap times rivaled those in the Rotax DD2 class, it was business as usual en route to winning to the Rotax DD2 Masters Canadian Championship and claiming his record twelfth invitation to the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals.

As a result, Campbell travels to Italy to join Team Canada to pursue his second Grand Finals victory and fourth podium at the event.

“Getting the opportunity to represent Canada for the twelfth time at the Grand Finals is an amazing feeling, just like the first time. With only racing at Nationals to get the ticket this year was all the eggs in one basket and it worked to perfection. So happy to be going back and it is on a new track for me too.”

After competing in eleven of the sixteen Rotax Grand Finals events, Campbell does have a lot of friends from around the world and is a very well known name around the paddock. In the first few days of each Rotax Grand Finals, it is like a homecoming for Campbell and his father Dave, who reunite annually with many fellow drivers and industry members.

“I still get excited to work with Team Canada and see all the friends I have made from all the years from all over the world.”


Campbell standing atop the Canadian National Championship podium (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

With a victory in 2010 and a pair of runner-up finishes in 2012 and 2013, Campbell is always a threat for victory as well and he will be aiming to return to the top of the podium to close out his karting career.

“This year my goal is again shoot for the top step of the podium. I have done it once in 2010 and finished second twice. I want to go out on top in my last trip to the Worlds!”

In preparation for the event, Campbell has dropped 20 pounds since July, first to get down to weight for Mont-Tremblant and now to get as close to weight as possible in Italy. He has also been studying the video of the Sarno Circuit provided by Rotax, learning as much about the circuit before he arrives in Italy and receives his kart.

“I have been watching the YouTube video of Darrell Smith driving around the track like about 75 times to learn the track before I even get there.”


As he was in 2015, Campbell and Rotax DD2 Masters category will race aboard Sodikarts in Italy. (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

Campbell also notes that teamwork is very valuable at every Rotax Grand Finals race he has been competing with. As the veteran on the team, Campbell is almost always in conversation with fellow Team Canada members in his category and in the others, just trying to help everyone gain as much information as possible, especially during the practice sessions.

“As a member of Team Canada you must work with the other drivers in your class because it is the only way to move up he grid as a group.”

He also has some great advice for those new to the race.

“First qualify the best you can and draft everyone in qualifying. Then no matter what, Do not crash in any of the races! If you escape all the races without any major incident then you will be in a great position come the Saturday Final. Then you just leave it all on the track and race your heart out.”

And leaving it all on the track will be the case for Campbell as he has announced his retirement from racing to pursue an opportunity to start his own race team and help develop young talents.

“I also really need to thank those supporting me in getting to Italy. O’Reily Insurance, The Rent it Store, Cindy Moleskin Photography, TG Graphics, The United Group, Conveyer & Machine and Karting Canada!”

The Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals runs from October 16 to 22 in Sarno, Italy. Team Canada has qualified 17 drivers to compete in the event and CKN is the official media partner for Team Canada covering every aspect of the event. Tune in often as we preview members of the team travelling to Italy.

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