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Rain or Shine, Kingsley in Control of Rotax DD2 at ICAR

Jeff Kingsley was untouchable at ICAR (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

Rain or Shine, Kingsley in Control of Rotax DD2 at ICAR

It didn’t matter the conditions that the Rotax DD2 category was presented with this weekend at ICAR, Jeffrey Kingsley simply ruled the competition at the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship.

Kingsley (PSL Karting/BirelART) kicked it off by qualifying on the pole-position by more than three-tenths of a second before cruising to wins in all three heat races on Saturday. His closest rivals, Marco Signoretti (Energy Corse/Energy Kart) and Tyler Kashak (Goodwood/Intrepid) closed in throughout those heat races, but didn’t have enough to upset the defending class champion.

On Sunday it was of the same for Kingsley. In a dry Final 1 it was like deja vu from the day prior. A good jump at the start and an early set of fast times to break free before cruising to the checkered flag with no challenge from anyone but himself.

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Behind him Kashak broke free as well with Signoretti and Alessandro Bizzotto (PSL/BirelART) duking it out for the third position and Didier Carre (BCR/BirelART) racing Fred Woodley (Maranello NA/Maranello) for fifth.

At the line, Kingsley claimed his second with of the year with Kashak a distant second. Bizzotto completed the podium ahead of Signoretti and Woodley.


Marco Signoretti (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

On the grid for Final 2, the DD2 race was delayed when officials opted to try and clear a portion of the track that had build up a lot of water. With a steady rain, the group was eventually sent back to their pits for a weather delay.

Over an hour later the call was made and officials requested the DD2’s back to the grid for another attempt at their final on a very wet track but with light rain conditions.

Kingsley once again jumped out to the lead but Bizzotto pressured him in the opening laps, even taking a peek at the inside of the leader while Kashak retired early with engine woes.

Final 1 Results | Final 2 Results

Settling into a groove, Kingsley managed his race and built up a lead, even as the heavy rain returned and the conditions worsened. Signoretti was the quickest in the heavier rain, eventually overtaking Bizzotto for second and even closing in on Kingsley, but he ran out of time before the finish to take a shot at the leader, settling for second at the finish line 0.5 seconds back.

Bizzotto appeared to struggle in the heavier conditions as Carre, Natael Cantin (PSL/BirelART) and Dev Gore were able to slide by him in the closing laps with Cantin overtaking Carre on the final lap to earn the remaining podium position.

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