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National Title Number 3 for Jeff Kingsley in Rotax DD2

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

National Title Number 3 for Jeff Kingsley in Rotax DD2

Making only his second karting start this summer, Jeffrey Kingsley dominated in Rotax DD2 all week long and confirmed himself as a three-time Canadian National Champion on Sunday.

It was a rocky start as the starter waved off the first two attempts at a start before Kingsley, who has raced in the Canadian Touring Car Championship this summer, was demoted to row to for the third one. Giving a nice push to his PSL Karting teammate Natael Cantin Kingsley the two raced up the turn one hill with the lead and by corner six Kingsley made his move for the lead, easily getting by Cantin.

Behind the front two, it was a four kart race for third with Max Preston holding the position in the early laps over his Intrepid teammate Tyler Kashak, Isaac Merritt and Matthew Taskinen.

Out front, Kingsley quickly checked out, hitting his marks and blistering off fast laps. Cantin was all alone in second while Kashak got by Preston on lap six for third. Andrew Calabrese led the DD2 Masters race within the race for the first six laps until Joe Crupi finally made his move to get by.

Just after the halfway mark, the race was all but complete as the leaders were all spread out on track and on lap sixteen Kingsley crossed the finish line three second ahead of Cantin to take the National win he’s come close to the past two summers.

In finishing second, Cantin earned the invitation to compete in the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals, a bittersweet moment given what happened a year ago. Kashak took third, meaning all three of the National podium members have qualified to compete in the Rotax Grand Finals.

Crupi ended up beating Calabrese by five seconds to take the DD2 Masters win and confirm his spot on Team Canada as well.

Natael Cantin receiving his Rotax Grand Finals ticket

DD2 Masters Champion Joe Crupi

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