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Racing to raise awareness, Nathan Kelly races with IWK on board

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Racing to raise awareness, Nathan Kelly races with IWK on board

By: CKN / Photo by: Cody Schindel – CKN

Nathan Kelly recently got a new helmet, but unlike most drivers who tend to have it painted in their particular style, he decided to use his helmet design to pay tribute to his late father and also raise awareness for a Health Foundation that is close to his heart. The paint job features unique hand prints as well as words of encouragement, all to support the IWK Health Care Foundation. Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the heart of the Maritimes, the IWK Children’s Hospital describes itself as “a place that changes lives; a place that provides critical and specialized care to women, children, youth and families throughout the Maritimes.”

After the passing of his father a few years ago Nathan now spends as much time as he can at the Children’s Hospital in Halifax, usually bringing his helmet with him and interacting with everyone around, sharing stories about racing, friends, and of course family. As a school principal, Nathan’s father loved working with children, as well as bonding with Nathan when they competed at races all over North America.

“My father passed away from cancer, so I wanted the helmet to be special,” explains Kelly. “The helmet is a tribute to the IWK Children’s Hospital, and its a constant reminder for me of the time with him, and how privileged I am to be able to race.”

This past weekend, Nathan competed in the final round of the 2013 Florida Winter Tour in Ocala, Florida, USA, and he can’t wait to get back home and share his new stories with the kids at IWK.

“I had a great time in Florida and getting back into a kart, and can’t wait to get home and share the stories with the kids at IWK,” continues Kelly. “I also would like thank Mike Dobblestyn for all of his support through my years of karting as well as my family, without everyone’s help it just wouldn’t be possible.”

For more information about the IWK Health Care Foundation, please take a moment and visit


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