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Check These Out – New Race Gloves from Double Seven Industries!

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Check These Out – New Race Gloves from Double Seven Industries!

You may have seen Double Seven Industries logos around the Canadian kart track over the past couple of years, this company is owned and operated by a familiar name in the Canadian karting scene, Nathan Kelly. So how did Nathan go from behind the wheel, to owning his own company? And what’s the story behind these gloves? We sat down with Nathan

Nathan, thanks so much for joining us, maybe let’s start with asking what is Double Seven Industries? 

Thanks for having me! Great question, it really just started as a creative outlet for me so I could keep racing in my life, but the projects continue to get larger and larger. Long story short it’s a creative agency and automotive culture hub. Basically, I took everything I learned directly from motorsports marketing, blended it with conventional marketing ideologies and just built a brand around it. 

So who have you worked with? 

I’ve been pretty lucky to work with some great brands such as Telus, Red Bull Canada, Porsche Canada, and more. Most of the time it’s automotive-focused. I just started working with an LMP3 team call GRS Autosport, so helping them with sponsorship acquisition, creating digital assets, that type of thing. Then there are the karting teams I work with, all great people. Karting will always be a special industry to me. For non-racing stuff, I’m the digital content producer for a Canadian university in Toronto, I’ve shot campaigns for major beer brands, skateboard brands, clothing brands. It’s never a single entity or process which I love. 

Sounds busy! So what about the karting gloves, how did this start? 

I wanted something I could give back to my clients. Something as a “thank you” that was artistically unique, but functional. I landed on gloves because you can display them or use them at the kart track. 

I used the same manufacturer as another major high-end motorsport gear company, the main thing for me was that they needed to be fully functional and protect your hands as any karting glove would. 

Let’s talk about the design, care to explain?

Yeah for sure, I never liked my karting gloves when I was racing because someone always had the same pair. Realistically if you look at the entire glove market, there is a similar design pattern which they all sort of follow. That was my starting point. 

I went with black, white and bright yellow as I didn’t want to tie the glove to a specific manufacturer. Then for details, the entire palm has repeated “double seven industries” text which is grippy. Then on the inside wrist, there is small bits of text; things like a set of coordinates that land you near my original home track, East Coast Karting. The triangle pattern is just something I doodle frequently and always liked.

Nice, so can anyone buy them or are they just for your clients?

Well, there are only 50 of them in existence and that’s all there will ever be. I pre-sold 24 pairs to a private individual before they were even manufactured, so down to 26.  I can’t thank that individual enough for supporting me through my career, that’s just a small sample of what he’s done for me. After I give the rest to my clients there will be a few pairs left over which I’ll sell. Although once they’re gone, they’re gone. 

Awesome! How can we get those remaining pairs? 

There is a “shop design” link on

Will DSI be releasing more gloves in the future? 


How did karting help you create Double Seven Industries?

Great question, karting is probably the entire reason I am where I am today. Motorsport builds real people and real-life skills. I think what draws me to racing is how ‘matter of fact’ it is. Growing up racing gives you extreme highs and extreme lows, and ultimately teaches you how to ride that roller coaster as an individual. You can win one weekend and not be able to afford to even get on the track the next. If you can handle that challenge, the entire business world comes a bit easier. 

Very true, anything else you’d like to add in? 

I think that covers it for now, thank you guys so much for connecting with me on this project! Really means a lot to me.

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