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PR: Point Pelee Karting Club Drivers Travel to Michigan


PR: Point Pelee Karting Club Drivers Travel to Michigan

By: Point Pelee Karting Club

Point Pelee Karting Club once again flexed a little driving muscle in international competition over the weekend.

Teams traveled to Waterford Hills Michigan to compete at the Michigan Kart Clubs annual racing event at Waterford Hills Road Racing coarse. The fastest karts hit well over 80 mph on the back straight, just before braking to make a 90 degree right-hand turn. With one corner speed as low 25 mph and another at 40 mph at the 1.5-mile SCCA road coarse.

PPKC driver Brodie Myer took P1 with his Rotax powered Sodi kart in the TAG senior division, and PPKC rookie driver Erica Cassidy took P1 in the 4-Cycle Senior division with her Briggs LO206 powered Sodi kart.

Next up for the Point Pelee Karting Club teams will be the Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championships being held at Point Pelee Karting track in Leamington, Ont., on July 6-7.

For more information about the coming Brian Stewart Series races in Leamington go to

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