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PR: Innnisfil Kart Club to Host Night Race September 7


PR: Innnisfil Kart Club to Host Night Race September 7

Innisfil-Kart-ClubHeading into the latter stages of the Canadian karting season, Innisfil Kart Club will continue their popular club program with a night race on the evening of Saturday, September 7. With the event taking place at the tight and twisty Innisfil Indy facility, local club members will be joined by members from the Toronto Kart Club as the two programs will run in conjunction with one another under the lights.

“We are very excited for our upcoming night race,” explained Rose Launi of Innisfil Indy. “With school back in progress that week, it will be a welcome break from the first week of classes for some fun, yet competitive racing under cooler temperatures. Also, with the addition of members from the Toronto Kart Club, the wheel-to-wheel racing is sure to be exciting.”

As the 12th event on the 2013 Innisfil Kart Club schedule, this will be the one and only night race of the season. Registration for the event will open at 3:00pm with practice for all classes starting shortly after at 4:00pm. The evening will also see Innisfil Indy and the Innisfil Kart Club host a BBQ with corn for all the competitors that come out to the event.

Though this is a combined event for Innisfil Kart Club and Toronto Kart Club members, series officials are inviting anyone from Ontario’s ASN Canada affiliated clubs to come and join them for the special night race. Innisfil Kart Club will offer two-stroke and four-stroke classes including Briggs and Stratton Junior, Senior and Masters and welcomes competitors for a night of fun.

The Innisfil Indy track is located at:
2006 Gilford Road
Gilford, Ontario
L0L 1R0

For more information on the Innisfil Kart Club, please visit To contact Innisfil Indy, please call 905.775.4686 or e-mail

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