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PR: BSRKC 8th Annual Awards Banquet & Gala


PR: BSRKC 8th Annual Awards Banquet & Gala

The principals and organizers of the Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship Series, and special guest, Mr. Brian Stewart, are proud to announce that their 2013 Champions Banquet and Awards Gala will take place on Saturday, November 23, at La Primavera Hospitality and Convention Centre in Vaughan.

The Special Event Banquet flyer with full details, including host hotel, is available HERE.

The ticket order/seating arrangement form is available HERE.

The menu, which includes the deluxe free bar, is available HERE.

Please read these carefully as some conditions apply.

Sincerest congratulations to all of the BSRKC Class Champions and top podium finishers.

Your well deserved Stewart Cups, trophies, and prizes, await you!

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