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Parkers Blog: WSK Masters Series @ International Circuit Friuli Venezia Giulia

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Parkers Blog: WSK Masters Series @ International Circuit Friuli Venezia Giulia

WSK Masters Round 3 – International Circuit Friuli Venezia Giulia:
Thursday, May 02, 2013 – Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Track: International Circuit Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Length: 1200 m
Width: 8.5/10.5 m

The International Circuit Friuli Venezia Giulia was an interesting circuit to say the least. It was very small, all the sectors we’re tight. It was difficult to carry the roll speed needed in the corner due to this reason. Passing was also very difficult. There we’re only about two places to pass and for this reason the racing was probably not the best as usual in WSK action. As for the facility, it was very nice. The restaurant and bar was awesome overlooking the track. The track location was in Precenicco, Northern Italy right by the sea. A very humid climate as you could imagine! The location was also prone to sudden weather change, which is unneeded stress on race weekends.

My ratings:

Track facility: 9/10
Track layout: 7/10
Track location: 8/10

Another SuperPole, two in a row in WSK Action!
The weekend started off fantastic at the International Circuit Friuli Venezia Giulia with my second straight Superpole in WSK Action! Energy Corse/GFR Engines and I worked extremely hard to attain these results. We had been fast all weekend in wet and dry conditions in practice but when it came down to it we we’re fast when it counted, Qualifying and SuperPole. I couldn’t have been any happier with the chassis and team effort. My driving was perfect on the optimum lap for the Vega tires and it all came together! We we’re able to claim the SuperPole by 0.006 thousands of a second!

Ranked 5th overall after the heat races!
Team Energy and I had a tough go in the heat races, but needles to say we still came out with a strong starting position for the Pre-final! With third, sixth and thirteenth for finishing positions in the three heats, it was enough to be in a top five starting position for the very important pre-final! Tough luck over small driver errors really took its toll in the heats. It was my fault, but the way things played out I was punished extremely hard for errors that most times wouldn’t affect results too much. An error is an error though, weather you get punished for it or not. This time around I got punished, and I can say it definitely sped up the learning curve! I will never make the same mistakes again as I did in the heat races!

Disaster strikes in the Pre-Final!
While in the lead and comfortably driving away from the field in the Pre Final a large rock went through my radiator. This drained nearly all the water, overheating the engine way past it’s breaking point. It was a miracle I didn’t retire in the race, let alone finish fourth!

The weekend ends in a bang, and not a bang I wanted
Starting fourth was difficult on the outside, due to a tight circuit. On the start I dropped to just inside the top ten. From there I was making my way up the field very quickly! I made a good pass on lap 3, but the driver immediately lunged back in a high-speed corner not suitable for passing. We made contact obviously and within seconds I was hard into the wall, finishing my race. What a shame after such a strong showing, but there was nothing I could do. Disappointing end to what was a great weekend.

This all could not be possible without the partners of Parker Thompson Racing. Thank you very much Sylvan Lake RV, RLV, Bell Racing Helmets, Tillett Racing Seats,, Racing Against Cancer, Panigada European Transport, GFR Engines, TM Racing Engines, Douglas Wheels, Tillotson Carburetors and Energy Corse Factory. For more information check out or Parker Thompson Racing on Facebook and Twitter @parkertracing.

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