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New Karting Track in Saint-Celestin, Quebec Officially Opens!

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New Karting Track in Saint-Celestin, Quebec Officially Opens!

It has been a very long summer for the group at SC Performance. Stéphane Couturier and his crew have not only had a busy race schedule, but they have also been building a brand new karting track in Saint-Celestin, Quebec.

The doors officially opened at the track on Friday July 25 with some rental kart lapping and first views for many people.

As construction continues around the complex located just east of Trois-Rivieres, the first pictures gives us a great feeling about this new kart track. There is plenty of nature to be seen, as the facility has kept a large portion of the trees around the 1.2km track.

The beautiful new building is also nearing completion, with a planned showroom, work shop and parts counter in the works.

If you missed our CKN Chatter with Stéphane Couturier about the new facility, be sure to give it a read.

We will have a closer look at the facility in the coming weeks as we plan to make a visit following Le Monaco de Trois-Rivieres.

Thanks to Emilie Gauthier for the pictures.

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