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New Can-Am Series forms Partnership with SuperKarts! USA

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New Can-Am Series forms Partnership with SuperKarts! USA

In late January, industry member and veteran racer Mike Rolison announced a new Rotax Max Challenge series to cater toward Canadian and United States racers along the northern west coast area. As the building blocks formed the series, the opportunity to expand the series to more racers presented itself to Rolison. With that, the Can-Am series is welcoming Superkarts! USA into the mix. Now labeled ‘Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge’, the program is set to host eight races over four weekends for the 2013 season, providing Rotax and SKUSA categories.

“I’m happy that we were able to put together this deal so early in our formation of the series,” commented series administrator Mike Rolison. “The creation of the Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge was to fill a void for Rotax racers in the area during the summer months, while providing the same intense racing and professionalism that they are used to seeing at national level events. Now we have the opportunity to do the same for Superkarts! USA racers here in the area.”

The Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge partnership with Superkarts! USA brings the organization back to the Pacific Northwest, where a number of its early national races were held. All Superkarts! USA classes will be offered, with focus on increasing the shifterkart status within the area.

“We are happy to be partnering up with Mike and this new venture. I was in the same position nine years ago when I created the ProKart Challenge in Southern California. So I understand his drive and enthusiasm, and we are fully supporting the series,” offered Superkarts! USA CEO Tom Kutscher. “I remember racing in the Pacific Northwest, and I miss those trips up to Pat’s Acres, when racing was just racing. That’s what I want people understand about SKUSA – we are here to race and have fun. I hope old and new racers in the area take notice and join in on the fun.

The Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge is scheduled to enjoy the same benefits of other Superkarts! USA regional programs, including registration priority for SuperNationals XVII and guaranteed SuperSunday starting positions for series champs. With Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge running as a SKUSA regional series, those drivers will be included in the priority registration program that gives SKUSA members who compete on the season the first right to enter their desired classes. Drivers in SKUSA classes that earn the Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge championship will be awarded a guaranteed starting spot in that respective class on SuperSunday (class must average five racers for the year in order to receive SuperSunday ticket).

“Shifterkart racing in the area was really strong in previous years, and we know there are still many out there waiting for an opportunity like this to come around,” continued Rolison. “We want racers to dust off their old shifterkart and get to the track. The SuperNationals is the biggest karting event in North America, and highly ranked around the world. With our relationship with Superkarts! USA, we provide the foundation for racers to be able to compete at the Pro Tour level and win at the SuperNationals.”

In addition to the partnership with Superkarts! USA, the Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge is announcing the 2013 schedule. The format will be a four weekend schedule, featuring two rounds of racing at each stop between May and September. The point championship will count the best six rounds of eight toward the final classification, allowing racers the option to miss one event weekend and still have a chance at the series title. The first stop will take the series into Canada, racing at the Greg Moore Raceway in Chilliwack, British Columbia on May 17-19. The next two stops will keep the series just south of Portland – visiting the historic Pat’s Acres Racing Complex on June 14-16 and the McMinnville Kart Track on July 5-7. The Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge will wrap up 2013 at the Medford Kart Track in Southern Oregon on September 20-22.

Racers in the Rotax categories will acquire ‘punches’ toward earning a spot to compete at the United States Rotax Grand Nationals, set for the new Mooresville Motorplex facility in North Carolina on July 31-August 3. The Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge will also be awarding four tickets (Senior Max, DD2, DD2 Masters, Junior Max) to the Rotax Grand Finals. The ‘Olympics of Karting’ will be held at the NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans this November, the first time the event will be hosted on United States soil.

The Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge will offer all seven of the Rotax Max Challenge categories in addition to the five Superkarts! USA stock moto classes (S1 Pro, S2 Semi-Pro, S3 Novice, S4 Master, S5 Junior).

2013 Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge
May 17-19: Greg Moore Raceway – Chilliwack, British Columbia
June 14-16: Pat’s Acres Racing Complex – Canby, Oregon
July 5-7: McMinnville Kart Track – McMinnville, Oregon
September 20-22: Medford Kart Track – Medford, Oregon

More details regarding the 2013 Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge series are in development, in addition to a series website. To learn more about the new program, contact series administrator Mike Rolison at or phone 503-260-4514.

About: Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge
The Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge is the newest regional racing program, focused around supporting the western coast of North America, welcoming Canadian and American teams and drivers. The four event program will be a best six of eight championship chase, offering categories of the Rotax Max Challenge and Superkarts! USA. This new program will provide a unique atmosphere, formatted like a national summer series program. Rotax racers will receive punches toward the 2013 US Rotax Grand Nationals, also with four tickets up for grabs to the 2013 Rotax Grand Finals. SKUSA racers will race for a guaranteed starting spot at the SKUSA SuperNationals XVII in Las Vegas with class championship.

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