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MRFKC Saturday Update


MRFKC Saturday Update

Race day number five of the MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship is complete following a great day at the Mosport Karting Centre.

Here’s a quick update on each of the Finals taking to the track.

ROK Junior

Taking his first win of the season at a track he’s enjoyed many successes at in the past, Callum Baxter controlled all day long in ROK Junior. With the exception of an early battle with his Prime Powerteam teammate Marco Filice, Baxter went unchallenged all the way to the checkers and took home the Pfaff Junior Driver of the Day award as well.

  1. Callum Baxter
  2. Ayden Ingrtta
  3. Marco Filice
  4. Marcello Paniccia
  5. Frankie Esposito

ROK Senior

Robert Soroka held off Patrick Woods-Toth to initially score the race win ROK Senior, however, he was excluded in post-race tech for grease in the clutch. This gave the win and confirmed the championship to Woods-Toth.

A wild scurry on the final lap saw Andrew Maciel come out on top to take second just ahead of Cole Hooton and Dale Curran, who charged from last to fourth.

  1. Patrick Woods-Toth
  2. Andrew Maciel
  3. Cole Hooton
  4. Dale Curran
  5. Nicky Palladino

Briggs Junior

The big news this morning was the absence of championship contender Logan Ferguson.

In the Final, Logan Pacza and Steven Navratil tried to break free, but just couldn’t get away from Daniel Ali and Ari Korkodilos. Waiting until the final lap, Navratil had to work hard but found his way by in the bowl to take the lead and the win. He was also awarded the Champion Fined Tuned Award.

  1. Steven Navratil
  2. Logan Pacza
  3. Ari Korkodilos
  4. Daniel Ali
  5. Lily Flintoff

Briggs Senior

Adam Ali and Pearce Herder were able to get out front early and pulled away. Herder pushed until the second last lap, made a pass in the final sector and then held off Ali, who still celebrated locking up the championship.

The fight for third was wicked, with tons of passing and wheel-to-wheel action. Jordan Prior was able to come out on top of it just ahead of Jon Treadwell, who charged through the field.

  1. Pearce Herder
  2. Adam Ali
  3. Jordan Prior
  4. Jon Treadwell
  5. Gianluca Savaglio

Briggs Masters

After trading the lead a few times throughout the race, the race settled until the final lap. Marc Stehle found just enough room up the inside of corner seven to grab the lead from Stephen Goebel and take the win. Earning his first podium in third was Greg Scollard.

  1. Marc Stehle
  2. Steven Goebel
  3. Greg Scollard
  4. Rich Folino
  5. Dan Skilton

Rok Mini

Ryan Maxwell was pressured all race long by Pearce Wade, but the two never traded position, allowing Maxwell to secure another victory and points haul.

  1. Ryan Maxwell
  2. Pearce Wade
  3. Savio Paniccia
  4. Jensen Burnett
  5. Mayer Deonarine

Briggs Junior Lite

In a head-to-head matchup, Elias McKenzie managed to score another win in Briggs Junior Lite, besting Brady Clapham on the final lap. Anthony Martella was in the mix early, but slipped back and lost the leaders.

  1. Elias McKenzie
  2. Brady Clapham
  3. Anthony Martella

Briggs Cadet

In the most unpredictable race of the day, Anthony Raducanoiu found a way to win in Briggs Cadet, staying ahead of Alexis Baillargeon, who travelled from Quebec to race. Third went to Major Makovskis, who had the fastest lap of the race.

  1. Anthony Raducanoiu
  2. Alexis Baillargeon
  3. Major Makovskis
  4. Matthew Roach
  5. Edward Kennedy

Returning on Sunday, we will return to Mosport to do it all again and confirm the 2020 MRFKC Champions.

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